So What’s Your Selfie Worth?

It is the selfie that was heard (seen) around the world and its value has been placed as high as $1 billion. Whether you watched the 2014 Academy Awards or not, if you’re on any social media platform, surf the news feeds, or watch local television, chances are very high that you’ve seen the now-famous […]

Who Was Your Female Childhood Hero?

She was beautiful, sexy, sassy, funny, kick-ass, and was treated by her male crime-fighting partner as an equal. This was quite an anomaly in the 1960s. So was a television image of a woman wearing pants. I’m not kidding. When Diana Rigg stepped onto the screen for the British television series The Avengers, I was […]

The Best Medium For Getting More Sales Leads

The Best Medium For Getting More Sales Leads

  For many businesses, the challenge of generating more sales leads can be a life and death struggle. You have to admit that, without such business leads, your business would be having a hard time reaching sales goals and profits. For that reason, organizing and investing in a lead generation campaign is a necessity. While it is true that such marketing efforts […]

Tips to measure your Social Media Campaign success


If you are running a social media campaign, then your goal is to see results such as, how many people are talking about your brand, what they are saying or what they are doing in your pages. With ordinary campaigns it is hard to know who is seeing your message and their reactions towards it. […]

Online Video Monetization

Online Videos Monetization

You’ve put together some great videos. Your friends think they’re really entertaining. So, why not try and make a little coin by monetizing them? Definitely. We all love to make a little extra cash on the side. We’d especially love if our passion for crafting video turned into our job, just like Freddie Wong. But, […]

7 Online Marketing Tactics and Campaigns

Brain a little mushy? Do you still have social media content to come up with? Yea me too. So what do we do? Search online for funky media marketing that has actually worked! Social Media Today found 7 unconventional ad campaigns that are outside of the box, but yielded some great returns on their investment. […]

Facebook Is Showing You Some Ads You Asked Not to See – Jason Del Rey – Media – AllThingsD

  So you “hid” all of the Facebook online posts, but you logged in this morning and found the same online ads that you “hid” over the weekend? What is going on? Well if you take a minute to really look at the ad, you will notice it is is a different ad from the […]

10 Tips to Energize Boring Copy And Increase Sales by 30% | The Daily Egg

A friend of mine posted this article today on their Facebook Page, a quick thank you shout out to R and R Web Design!   Here are 10 amazing tips for “energizing” your copy from the Daily Egg.   I love all of these favorite would have to be buying a tabloid and check […]

Social Media Advice You Should Ignore

My kind of article! One not telling me what I am doing wrong on social media! Kind of nice to hear that we shouldn’t be doing some of these things listed in here. Honesty here folks, which of these have you done? Don’t worry we are in a safe place, you can tell us! Be […]

Improve Your Creativity & Problem-Solving with these 7 Brainstorming Techniques –

If you are not following Laura Spencer via RSS, you really should. She always has GREAT information that she is posting on Google+. This article today, is another one I am loving! Brainstorming Techniques! Oh how I love articles like this, so that I don’t always feel so stuck when trying to come up with […]

Facebook Hashtags Impact on Brands | Social Media Today

I think almost everyone saw Facebook roll out hashtags yesterday. Yet, I have to admit as of now, I still do not have them working on my pages. Social Media Today takes a look at the pros and cons of having hashtags within Facebook. One of the first is being able to integrate campaigns all […]

Piccolo Automatically Prints Your Facebook And Instagram Photos Every Month | TechCrunch

Piccolo is a new photo-sharing platform to help with all of the photos you take and put up on social media. Piccolo connects to your social media platforms and downloads all of the photos that you have uploaded for the month. It then chooses photos for you, or you can choose specific photos that you […]

Is High Keyword Density Really Important?

Is using high keyword density really important? Short answer is yes, long answer is yes, but watch what you are using for your keywords! In this article from BloggingPro, the author describes why it is important to use SEO in articles that you write for your website. The problem is, most website authors are using […]

4 Online Personalization Ideas for Your Business

The question that is on everyone’s mind in the social media world: How do I get customers to engage with my business, and become paying customers? Well Small Business Trends offers up four good points for you to think about next time you want to engage: Ask them what they want Give them a voice […]

Social media contacts – who owns them?


I got this article today in my mailbox and thought it raised a great question for the social media marketing workers out in the world. Social Media contacts- who actually owns them? Do you “own” the contacts that you have either in your personal social media accounts, or in your business social media accounts? Do […]

Phil Gerbyshak: The 3 R’s of DIY Video: Record, Rinse, Repeat

Ok another social media venue I have not stepped into yet: Video! I think it stems from having to be video taped and critiqued while I was student teaching. Wowza. But, YouTube has jumped leaps and bounds this year in becoming a popular site for customers to research companies or products they want to buy. My favorite tip in […]