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For A New You Shearling Boots Is The Way To Go

Shearling Slippers

Drapers of Glastonbury offer some of the finest footwear in the world. They have been around for decades (75 years to be precise) and they know their job well. They manufacture boots from top-grade materials that look great and feel great. The shearling boots from the house of Drapers of Glastonbury are created from premium […]


Rise and fall of the hemline


Since 1900, the hemline on women’s fashion has been a talking point every decade. Before this time, dresses and skirts were almost floor length throughout all history.  But as the Victorian era gave way to the Edwardian period, the hemline has risen, fallen and risen again to signify different fashion trends as well as social […]


Hair Trends are Always Changing, but Here’s the Current Ones

Hair Accessories

Look at celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence or Karen Gillan, the first thing you might notice is their hair. Celebrities are known for setting trends in fashion, and hair is no exception. The current trends in hair are here, and they’re easy to do. Style Everyone has been doing the coming-undone style. Yes, your messy bun […]


5 Style Tips To Wear Leggings In A Formal Setting

5 Mistakes You Must Not Make While Buying A Pair of Leggings Online

Come winter and it is time to bring those leggings out of your wardrobe. This outfit was once a utility wear but is now worn as a fashionable outfit. You may be wondering how one can wear a basic garment as a stylish outfit. It is all about wearing leggings in the right way. If […]


Party makeup videos: 5 stunning party makeup looks to try for the Holiday


In between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is when the holiday parties are at their peak, which gives you plenty of opportunities to try out at least one of the stunning, sparkly beauty looks making for this weekend’s video roundup. From classy vixen looks, to frosty pastel shades and show-stopping glittery eyes, these beauty tutorials […]


Enhance Your Style By Choosing The Perfect Sunglasses!

perfect sunglasses

Your sunglasses should match your lifestyle! Each of us has their own way of living and that forms the basis of different lifestyles. And this difference leads us to build our own unique fashion identity. It’s no different with sunglasses; you choose your sunglasses in the context of your way of living. If you are […]


5 Grown Up Ways To Wear A Crop Top Elegantly

Sexy Spaghetti Cropp

This season crop tops are in again and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. This means if you’re a fashionista or someone that loves to keep up with the latest trends, knowing how to rock a midriff no matter how old you are is important. You see… Midriffs aren’t just meant for younger girls but […]


Memorable Celebrity Haircuts-Past and Present

Elvis Presley

The fashions, styles, and haircuts of celebrities are followed very closely by the media, fashion world, and fans. Many of these celebrities have made unusual and memorable choices when it comes to their famous haircuts. The following haircuts have brought attention to the stars and created hair style crazes all over the world both in […]


Choosing a Home Remodeling Contractor That Works

home remodeling contractors

The first step to getting a contractor that will work out is to find out about a few. Get recommendations from people you know or from acquaintances, or do your own research through other means. Once you have a list of a few, conduct phone interviews with each. Gather information about what sorts of projects […]


Be a Hip Hop Diva with Perfect Hip Hop Outfits and Dancing Shoes!

snapback caps

Aside from snapback caps, clothing also plays an instrumental role in portraying the perfect hip hop look. Here is an elaborate guide for girls on what are the staple garments to be worn during a hip hop musical event. Simple Steps of hip hop style statement Hello beautiful! So, you are a die-hard fan of […]


Modern Styling Can’t Hold a Candle to the Most Popular Antique Diamond Rings


Image by: annstheclaf The “good old days” may be a worn adage, but when it comes to antique jewellery, it couldn’t be more true. Even more to the point, an antique diamond ring is something unique. Certainly, there are the obvious reasons: most jewellery of quality was not mass-produced. What was unique, for example, in […]


How to Make Mother’s Day Special with Fingerprint Jewellery?


Mothers Day is not just special for moms, but it is equally special for the members of the family. Usually the day starts with cooking mom’s favourite breakfast, even the ones that are not so like-breakfast, it still pleases us to do everything that makes mum feel special on this day. If not the food, […]


Upcoming Trends In Men’s Wear of the Year 2015

Men's Jeans

Change is noticed in every sector, starting from scientific development to the fashion trends. Fashion trends change according to every season and in every year. Previously, menswear was considered as very boring, containing solid colors and few stylish designs. But in the modern age, fashionable garments arrive in the market and modern men are embracing […]


Discount Scrubs and Uniforms

Medical Scrubs came into existence over a century ago. Since then, they have undergone drastic changes in terms of quality, styles, cuts and colors. With the rapid development in medical science, hospitals, clinics and other medical centers are taking enormous measures to soothe their patients all over the world. The trends are changing fast and […]


Know the Difference between Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin E-liquids


E-liquids in electronic cigarettes are made up of four key ingredients out of which two are known as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Others are water, nicotine and flavourings. Both are non-toxic compounds and are safe to use. In the article below, we will see some key points of difference between these two. E-cigarettes contain […]


Importance of color code in Scrubs

Scrubs Los Angeles

Scrubs and uniforms were not considered an important part of the medical profession until recently. Previously, some of the nurses in health care centers and hospitals wore uniforms. However, surgeons never considered clothing important while performing surgeries and they often did so in their regular clothes.  They never used protective, sterilized or clean garments.  In […]