Training to be a Security Guard

In order to be a professional security guard, there is a strict training regime involved. This regime has been crafted by those who not only know what’s best to keep the public safe, but are interested in molding a course that gets the most out of its security officers. Security guard training courses are plentiful […]


How to Write a Good Term Paper

Term Paper

Term paper is an academic research paper that is given to students of specialized courses in order to check their research and report ability, which accounts for a major part of the grade. Many students across the different courses get to write a term paper as a project. The topic of research done is either […]


5 Must Read books for Entrepreneurs and Where to buy them Online


Learning is a lifetime process; one can start learning at any stage in his life. To help us more on this – books serve as a window to lead a better life.  With the cutthroat in today’s world, every entrepreneur is trying to work their way into the spotlight. Books taught us some great and […]


My Journey From Catering to Design

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When I started studying at college I thought my career path was set in stone. I had a clear route laid out in front of me and felt ready to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a chef. However, as time went on I started to question my decision and couldn’t help thinking that my […]


Top 20 apps to be more Effective when Studying

How to be Effective when Studying – Best Study Apps, Tools, Tips & Techniques by Open Colleges




Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test commonly known as BITSAT is an entrance exam for admission to various engineering degree courses at the BITS campuses in Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad. BITSAT is one of the most competitive National Entrance Exam in the country and is conducted by BITS Pilani University. BITSAT is a […]


Computer Forensic In Everyday Practice

Computer Forensic

Generally, computer forensics are used to prevent and solve crimes. It is used in determining the computer related frauds carried out, but recently it has also found its implementation in everyday life. Many organizations have started using this science at their workplace to keep track of and monitor their employees. It enables companies to protect […]


84 Strategies for Accelerated Learning: Your Brain Map

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Some of the most common writing mistakes


Writing is a very vital and important pursuit in the modern times. Even online writers have a lot of work, filling the web pages and promoting internet business ventures. However, have you ever thought of the quality of writing and how one can provide a totally flawless piece of work? It is just as important […]


Is Formal Education an Integral Part of Business Success?

students holding their diploma after graduation

There are many examples of successful people in business who don’t have a formal education in terms of A-levels and a degree. However, what we need to examine is whether this is because they are exceptions to the rule, or if indeed education is less important to business success than we have been led to […]


The Seasonal Demands on Hospitality

As Christmas and winter becomes that bit closer, consumers are looking at the hospitality industry to deal with their heightened demand for seasonal food. There are events to be catered for, parties to be organised and venues to be filled with happy party-goers. This isn’t anything new for the industry though; the season brings its […]


Steps to write and structure an essay!


Writing an essay becomes easy when you have structured it with all important points to be covered. Structuring academic, technical, descriptive or any other essay involves proper research, analysis, identifying argument, introduction, forming paragraph and lastly drawing conclusion. These steps cannot be followed unless you understand your topic or subject in depth. In this article, […]


Choose Wisely and Buy a Good Research Paper Online To Get Good Grades


If you are a student, you know how difficult it is to write a satisfactory research paper. After hours of research, you would finally be able to collect enough relevant information for your paper. Then it is the difficult job of compiling all the information in such a manner that it conveys what you want […]


Steering Yourself Away From The Misconceptions Surrounding Phony Or Fake Diplomas


There are several practical tips that you can apply in order to get fake high school diplomas online. As you delve deeper into the niche, it will become clear that there are many service providers in this field – with all of them placing tall claims to their customers. It is pivotal to do your […]


How to build a career in mechanical engineering?


Mechanical engineering is considered as the ‘mother’ of the engineering. Another unique feature of this field is that it is extremely diverse and broad. Almost all great inventions of the ancient period and the contemporary time are the direct contribution of mechanical engineering and other different mechanics application. Usually, mechanical engineers need to deal with […]


Changing the Stereotype of Chinese Watches

First Chinese Watch

Everyone knows that Chinese watches are cheap, knock-offs and basically low quality timepieces. Well almost everyone. Wayne Burgess is a man on a mission to challenge this stereotype and bring quality Chinese watches to the forefront through his website Fine Watches of China. The website focuses on three Chinese brands with a combined 140 years […]