Is Customer Service a Marketing Tool? Yes!

As a service provider, customers are your lifeblood. Without them, there is no one to take advantage of your expertise. Many entrepreneurs get it wrong. They think about customer satisfaction from a defensive position instead of approaching it from the offensive. When you make customer service a priority, your business and brand will benefit, and […]


How Construction Companies Use Social Media


Social media was once only used to promote self-expression and stay in touch with old friends and family, but now it has evolved into one of the prime sources for advertising. Many businesses have now reached a point where they own and operate their own Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and Pinterest boards to gain popularity […]


3 Customer Service Points Your Business Can’t Ignore For 2015


Customer service is undoubtedly the cornerstone of any business, and yours is no exception. You may well sell the best product or service available on the market, but if your customer service just isn’t up to scratch, then nor are you!According to the below infographic by DMC, customer service has been an often ignored – […]


Why You Should Ignore “Expert” Lists

Why You Should Ignore -Expert- Lists

I’m having a love/hate relationship with the social media industry right now. I’ll be a big girl and admit it. What am I talking about? “Expert” lists. For all the value they can bring, I love them and for the negative they also bring, well, they suck. Before I go any further, let me say […]


Role of Managers

We should know that management has many dimensions. Like Halvorson’s whose primary attempt to design and render fabrics was successful since he developed a product, which the market desired. Still, he was incapable of meeting customers’ demands. It is only because of lack of managerial skills in his organization. What he wanted to achieve to […]


The Most-Common Reasons Customers Leave


When your business starts to lose customers, you need to take drastic action. It is naive to think that losing business is not your fault. Somewhere along the line, you have made a huge mistake. That mistake has cost you customers and revenue. That means that you are losing out when it comes to your […]


Does Social Media Hype Pan Out?

Does Social Media Hype Pan Out

Even though I have not seen the whole movie, I am a big fan of Pixar’s Up. There is a scene that perfectly describes social media and how businesses perceive social media marketing… the characters come across a talking dog. While the dog is talking, all of a sudden he yells “SQUIRREL!” and runs off. […]


Should My Company Change Its Customer Service Bad Habits?


It seems like such a common sense thing to do. If your customer service is bad, improve your customer service for the sake of your customers and your business. Make that special effort to fulfill orders, ship things on time, or to at least go a little out of your way to make your customers […]


4 Ways a Custom App Can Revitalize Customer Relationships

When you’re looking for ways to reignite your online traffic and strengthen relationships across new and old connections, start thinking about a custom app. Your might be able to better meet the needs of your clientele by connecting with them directly via a mobile app. This is a more intimate process than having them visit […]


Top Twitter Chats to Take Part In

Top Tweet Chats

I love Twitter. I love Tweet Chats even more. Tweet Chats allows you to have short, fast and fun conversations with people around a certain topic. Recently, Brian Fanzo of Broadsuite put together a great list of the top 16 Tweet Chats that help to build communities. Building communities takes time and a lot of […]


3 Ways to Make Your Customer Service Matter

If you’re acceptable with one unhappy customer, then your business will suffer. Every customer you have should be treated with the utmost respect and care. If you’re dealing with unsatisfied customers, even if they are wrong, you should still care about giving them the best service and ensuring they are satisfied with your brand. It […]


6 Ways that POS Software Will Enhance Your Profits

POS Software

Modern retail and service companies rely on effective point-of-sale (POS) systems to execute customer transactions. They are vital for businesses of all sizes, though many owners and managers fail to realise the full benefits available from quality POS software. Effectively integrated and applied, the benefits of this software on your business will be felt everywhere […]


How to Optimize Your Music Website

More business owners have recognized that e-commerce is one of the mediums through which they can maximize profits in the future. individuals who specialize in selling sheet music are among the online entrepreneurs who’ve begun to invest resources in the development of websites that enable this to happen. If you own a virtual sheet music […]


Guide to Safely Transfer your Office

Did you just plan to move your office and do not know what to do and now you are looking for someone to guide you for that? If your answer is yes then you are at right place. Here you will get  step by step guide to safely transfer your old office to new office. […]


The Transmedia Mindmap

Because there is so much noise in cyberspace, if a marketing plan for a company or product does not include transmedia, the potential for being heard is lessened. Ultimately, it isn’t about throwing up a Facebook or Google Plus page, having a profile on LinkedIn or a Twitter and YouTube account. Yes, all five of […]