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8th Annual Global Mixx Music and Film Forum Announces Panelists and Honorary Co-chairs | @GlobalMixx #GMIXX2014


Global Mixx Music and Film Forum has begun announcing confirmed event panelists and co-chairs for their 8th annual event in Chicago Aug 15-17th, 2014. The Forum will include working entertainment professionals from the worlds of music, film, television and media. This year’s event is presented by ParentPowerChicago, an organization whose mission is to provide tools and […]


Top 4 Free Music Album Downloading Websites

free music downloading

Music forms an integral part of our life as it soothes the soul and brings a refreshing feel to our usual stressful life. No matter how hard life seems to be, how busy we may be in our daily schedules, humming along our favorite tunes always brings a smile on our face. Whether one is […]


YouTube Will be Ripping Down Indie Music Videos ‘In a Matter of Days’ | Digital Music NewsDigital Music News

Don’t like YouTube’s terms and payouts?  Well, you can always go f*&k yourself.  According to details just disclosed by one YouTube employee, videos from independent labels that dislike YouTube’s payout terms will be summarily ripped down, starting ‘in a matter of days.’ “We will begin blocking videos within a matter of days to ensure that all […]


Who Is: E Sosa | @Esosa_ca_films

E Sosa

Young Talented Baltimore Artist who’s been rapping for 2 years and is steady rising with each project.His body of work is very effective and has drawn listeners from city to city and from all over the country with a flow of his own and creative lyrics E Sosa Continues to shift Baltimore’s Rap Culture. Who […]


ParentPowerChicago Presents 8th Global Mixx Music and Film Forum “Generation Next” Aug 15 – Aug 17 | @GlobalMixx


Eight years has seen the annual Global Mixx Forum http://globalmixxmusic.com grow to add a Film component to its yearly event. This years Music and Film forum will be held in Chicago Aug 15-17th, 2014.  has been the highlight of the summer and the go-to entertainment industry conference among both local and national attendees in the […]


The Differences of Teens VS Adults About Listening to Music

Teens VS Adults

Music has been a part of the life of human beings since the very beginning of evolution. It has evolved with us and so has the apparatuses that help us listen to it. There is a wide variation that the modes that teens and adults use to listen to music. As the decades passed there […]


The relation between Houston and Band music

The band is a group of people gather together and perform music repertoire. In music, in addition to solo performances, group performances form was born from a long time. Typically each artist in the group will play a musical instrument (or sing, or a combination of both) to create harmonies with the melody .For each music style with different standards; the […]


Top 10 Superstars Get popular from YouTube

After the launch of YouTube there are so many stars who got popularity from YouTube, means YouTube have helped so many stars to become superstars. Here are the top 10 superstars throughout the world who got popularity just because of YouTube. And I just create a YouTube playlist for the 10 newly released YouTube videos of […]


Music Video on YouTube: The Passports to Success


Aspiring artists wanting a career in the entertainment world are a dime a dozen, but only a handful reach the pinnacle of success. They elbow each other out just to get a piece of action on radio or television shows, live shows and magazines. They post their music videos in video sharing sites such as […]


Reasons Why You Should Use a Professional Recording Studio

Although people do have the opportunity of using a home recording studio to put together a demo, the results are never as good as a recording that’s done in a professional environment. Left to the experts, a demo professionally produced has all the trappings needed to get your music out there and noticed which is […]


Jennifer Lopez Performs Epic Concert in Dubai – See the Pics! | Jennifer Lopez : Just Jared

I saw Jennifer Lopez in concert at the Verizon Center several years back. The show was entertaining, and I have always admired Jennifer’s humble roots. How great would it have been to be at this show in Dubai. Jennifer Lopez performs an epic concert for a huge crowd during the Dubai World Cup on Saturday […]


Making Endurance Running Fun with Good Music and Challenging Rhythm


For the athletes who run long distance, as in who are involved into endurance running events; like full marathons, ultra runs, high altitude runs etc, concentration is indeed required. For this a lot of them meditate and practice yoga, while other takes the simple yet very efficient way out. They choose to make music their […]


Top genres of music

            Music is something which could reach up to the people of the whole world irrespective of language. It acts as a magical power sometimes and it is soothing to ears and also minds. It helps to keep our mind away from stress and tiredness. Music has a language which no one could express through […]


Play into the minds of your fans with a great music video

Creating a music video isn’t a difficult task and anyone can give it a try. However it isn’t so easy to make one that is good enough to leave a lasting impression. Viewers throng YouTube, Daily Motion and similar music blogs to view hundreds of videos every single day and easily forget most of them […]


Label-less Grammy

A couple of dudes collaborate to independently release some music and their song ends up owning the industry. When Macklemore and Ryan Lewis released their single Thrift Shop, it’s doubtful they expected it would become number one on the US Billboard Hot 100. The last time a song reached number one without the support of […]


Pinqy Ring ‘Little Hearts’ a story of surviving child sexual abuse | @PinqyRing

“After finally unpacking some heavy heartache, Latina rapper Pinqy Ring is ready to be brave and share her story through song. After dealing with childhood sexual abuse in the church at the hands of two different men, her life veered off into a path of destruction. After a car accident that left her in a […]