5 Great Idea’s To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Nov 25 2015 | Written by : markvisions| 5 |
Hot Summers Day

Summer is already here and whether you’re excitedly packing up the car to head to the beach or evacuating to the northern hemisphere to avoid the El Nino effect, there are still some handy tricks out there to help you keep your house cool and inviting.  Obviously there are times when the heat is so

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Your Career In The Disability Industry

Nov 24 2015 | Written by : Maria Onzain| 3 |
Career in Disability Industry

Working in Disability is one of the most rewarding career paths you can take. If you’re a highly empathetic person who believes in helping others a job in the Disability sector might be right for you. To succeed in this career you will be compassionate and patient, you must also possess excellent communication

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“It’s Making A List . . . ” IBM’s Watson Will Predict This Holiday’s Top Gifts

Nov 23 2015 | Written by : Tom George| 8 |
“It’s Making A List . . . ” IBM’s Watson Will Predict This Holiday’s Top Gifts

IBM’s Watson platform has another new side project: making holiday gift predictions. The company is releasing a new iPhone app called IBM Watson Trend, which they claim can predict which gifts are most likely to sell out at stores and e-commerce sites. While aimed at helping consumers, the

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How to write a resume with little or no professional experience

Nov 23 2015 | Written by : Vinod Jethwani| 4 |

How to write a resume with little or no professional experience One of the hot topics in a resume is always the work experience; many potential employers will often look for this bit when checking your resume. However, when you are fresh out of college, this part of the resume is usually blank. However,

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5 Best Review Websites For The Best Hair Clippers For Dogs

Nov 23 2015 | Written by : Robert Walsh| 4 |
5 Best Review Websites For The Best Hair Clippers For Dogs

Almost any product sold for pet care is a significant investment. That makes it important to get the best possible product at the lowest price the first time you buy! A good example is buying hair clippers to groom your dog at home. If you want to save money by doing the job yourself, you need a pair

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Seeking Help With A Personal Injury Claim in Dayton, Ohio

Nov 22 2015 | Written by : Robert Walsh| 4 |

Personal injury laws are in place in Ohio to ensure that when a case arises where an injury or death was the direct result of an individual’s negligence, a person or company is held directly responsible. There are a number of personal injury cases that can come up varying from a workplace accident

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Hollywood Shows Growing Trend of Divorce Mediation with High Profile Divorces

Nov 21 2015 | Written by : Robert Walsh| 6 |
divorce Mediation

Hollywood is an ever growing business in which celebrities are drawn to another however in many cases, the couples are unable to make it work because of conflicting schedules, times apart, adultery or simply because they have grown apart from one another. A true example of this is the Ben Affleck and

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Happy Birthday to Me! (and YOU get the gift)

Nov 17 2015 | Written by : Rachel Parker| 2 |

  Yes, today’s my birthday! And while I’m giving myself the day off from blogging, I have a special gift that’s just for YOU: For the next 72 hours, I’m unlocking the replay of my latest webinar, Stand Out! 5 Ways to Get Noticed Online! This was one of our most popular webinars

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Tips For Finding The Best Divorce Lawyer

Nov 17 2015 | Written by : Robert Walsh| 2 |

If you are unfortunate enough to be dealing with the breakdown of a marriage, one of the first steps that you need to take if hiring a divorce lawyer who will be able to guide you through all of the processes and ensure that everything goes smoothly. When searching for the best divorce lawyer, there

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Many Choices for Solar Energy for Homeowners

Nov 11 2015 | Written by : Robert Walsh| 6 |
Solar Energy for Homeowners

The rise in the use of solar energy has catalyzed an extremely diverse range of solar panels on the market for the average homeowner looking to be more environmentally friendly. As the cost per watt of energy produced from solar energy decreases, more homes are being converted from the traditional natural

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3 Ways to tap into the Competitor’s Mind

Nov 3 2015 | Written by : Ecomland| 3 |

The eCommerce business is no different from any other form of business in the world. Besides constantly upgrading the quality of your product and service, you need to keep an eye on the competition at all times, in the field of eCommerce, as is the case with any other business. The idea is to have sufficient

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10 Ultimate Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction with Live Chat

Nov 2 2015 | Written by : Sawaram Suthar| 5 |

In order to thrive in a competitive business world, it is crucial for an organization to attract and keep its customers. According to research done by Gartner Group, 80% of a company’s future revenue will come from 20% of its existing customers. Hence it is important for a business to enhance customer

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