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A Long Term Marketing Strategy Allows A Business To Develop Properly


Business owners who focus on a long-term marketing strategy should be able to capitalize on success.  Ideally, those who focus on a 10-year commitment should be able to obtain the necessary authority in the field.  When developing a business, utilize the Internet in order to capture leads that will eventually translate into sales. In order […]


Market Your Business With Social Media: 8 Tips

You already know that millions of people are on the Internet each day. At least half of them are checking in with family, friends and businesses they patronize through social media outlets; Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkeIn, Google+ and others. In order to make use of social media sites, your business needs a profile or page. […]


5 Video Marketing Tips to Help You Connect to Your Target Audience

While at its core, video is just another form of content, it’s important to note that many people are visual learners. They won’t read a blog or article no matter how well-researched and written. They process information by looking at it. You can satisfy this need and expand your reach by creating videos. You don’t […]


Crowdfunding: Is It Your Golden Opportunity or Your Goose Egg?


Crowdfunding is a very popular, efficient and effective way of raising money needed to start a new business. It’s relatively easy to set up a crowdfunding campaign on one of the many online platforms that assists you in telling your story and generating interest from potential investors. However, many people who attempt to raise money […]


Inbound Marketing Strategy – Go With The Grain And Break Into The Field


Business owners who are able to capitalize on an inbound marketing strategy understand that they need to go with the grain in order to be as efficient as possible when generating leads.  The nice thing about an inbound marketing strategy is that it doesn’t rely on aggressive marketing tactics, but rather, strong business relationships that […]


8 Key Elements of a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

How are you building your list now? Are you building a list? Email marketing is instrumental in communicating with your target audience. Are you actively trying to get into your potential clients’ inboxes? Or just hoping for the best? As with everything else, building a solid foundation will save you time and money later, so […]


Promoting your Book to be an Amazon Best Seller

You’ve created a powerful book with an eye-grabbing cover, an attention-arresting title and an intriguing description.  People can “Look Inside” and you’ve carefully priced it and placed it within your best Amazon category. You know your audience, inside out.  But this is no “Field of Dreams”.  You’ve built it – but now you have to […]


The Value of 1:1 Marketing: Putting Customer Interests Ahead of Big Data

A business should thrive in solidifying not only its reputation, but also the relationship it shares with present and future clientele. After all, success in marketing and sales is dependent on creating quality connections through effective lead generation and appointment setting. However, some B2B companies do not know exactly how to achieve that, owing to the fact they […]


Beginners Guide to Audience Measurement and Techniques


Thanks to the multiple devices and platforms that people now use to access broadcasts and Internet content, the marketing and media sectors are increasingly faced with the conundrum of whether they are reaching the right audience on the right device at the right time. Audience measurement is a rapidly changing beast in contemporary times – […]


Sizing Up Your Startup Funding Options – Which One is Right for You?


Every would-be entrepreneur needs money to take their idea to the next level. With several viable ways to gain the money you need, it can be confusing and difficult to know which funding option to choose. However, by looking at the pros and cons associated with the most popular ways to get the capital you […]


Do You Have the Right DNA to Be a Successful Business Owner?

marketers dna

You may have the greatest idea on earth, a rock solid business plan and the financial backing you need to start your own business. But you should know that your personality plays a huge role in determining whether your business will make it or not. Not everybody is cut out to be a business owner. […]


Track your Marketing Success with these Lead Generation Metrics

Much of the challenge in B2B lead generation is anchored on tracking key metrics. But what’s the significance of such an activity? Initially, metrics are utilized in order to measure certain losses and gains with regards your marketing campaign. They are crucial in determining whether your capital inputs have been maximized in that they are […]


Tips for Business Owners Who Should Be Marketing But Don’t Know How To


Most entrepreneurs don’t have marketing backgrounds nor are they experienced salespeople. Even those with zero experience in marketing or sales can do well running their businesses as it’s not written anywhere that one has to have a marketing degree to run a business. It’s not necessary to hire a marketing staff and it may even […]


Ways to Maximize your Marketing Automation Experience Right Off the Bat

Recent experiences point out to marketing automation as the way to go for better B2B lead generation results.  But while you are setting up your budget for a 2015, it is still necessary to learn whether or not automated marketing should be considered. For sure, having a computer program to manage complex activities for you […]


Negative SEO Is a Marketing Bogeyman That Can Sabotage Your Website


Negative SEO occurs when a dishonest, unscrupulous person makes an attempt to drop a website’s rankings so their site ranks higher in search results. There are several ways negative SEO can be carried out but one of the most commonly used methods is link-related. In this type of negative SEO, the deceitful person points spammy, […]


So you Think you Can Set? Choosing the Best B2B Appointment Setting Company for your Buck

For better sales performance, one has to consider having an effective B2B appointment setting campaign. Besides, it provides a transition between an initial engagement and a purchase. Proficiency is key here, and it would make all the difference if you have the proper sales staff and lead management infrastructure. Now, having the best in-house operations entails […]