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Is your website branding attracting the right audience?

In my last post, I related the story of a website that was not getting the desired results.  (If you missed the post, read it here.)  After some basic investigation, I found some key culprits.  One of those is that the branding does not match the service the business performs. This results in the wrong […]


Craft the Perfect Startup Elevator Pitch and Ride It to the Top Floor of Business Success!


For entrepreneurs looking for investment capital for a new startup company, having the best product or most innovative service plan is seldom enough to capture interest. After all, what investor is willing to give an unknown entrepreneur the twenty or thirty minutes of time most new business owners need to adequately describe their businesses? The […]


Creating A Call To Action That Actually Converts


Whether you’re the best copywriter you’ve ever met or you know your content is amazing, having a crummy call to action can destroy your copy immediately. Having a call to action that actually converts your customers is what you’ll need to allow your business to grow. If you are having issues with conversion, see if […]


4 Reasons Your Business Might Need a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing Melbourne Digital marketing Sydney - 4 Reasons Your Business Might Need a Digital Marketing Agency1

There are a number of reasons that businesses across Australia would turn to the services of a digital marketing agency. Among the obvious reasons for employing marketing agencies are a lack of knowledge or expertise in marketing, or the lack of resources to employ your own robust marketing department. Other common reasons include a lack […]


Top Tips and Tools for Online Reputation Management


A handful of companies offer free and paid online reputation management services for consumers and businesses, including Reputation.com and Brand Yourself. In addition to using these services, or in lieu of them, both small and midsize businesses and enterprise digital marketers can take strategic steps to ensure their companies’ online reputations are solid. Source: www.cio.com […]


4 Smartwatch Predictions for Local Search | Bernadette Coleman


We’re guessing the smartwatch is much easier to use than Google Glass. They also seem pretty similar to a smartphone, with a screen-based UI interface. Personally, I’m reminded of Dick Tracy and his watch, with his two way radio and such. While you may not be interested in looking like a spy or a private […]


Acrylic Display Cases – Ideal for Showcasing Your Collectibles


Collecting coins, stamps, sports memorabilia, currency or maybe rare books – regardless of what your passion is; you will definitely want to display it at some point. All your painstaking efforts to collect each and every precious items for your collection, deserves attention; deserves a wonderful display. You may have a focus area of collectibles, […]


Reasons for Using a Point of Sale System


A point of sale system is where all the monetary transactions take place in a retail environment. These systems are the modern versions of cash registers and are now being used in many retail businesses. If you are the owner of a restaurant or a store then you must also think about purchasing one of […]


QR Codes: Victorious or Disastrous?

QR codes can be a dangerous marketing tool – if they are used improperly. While you may have designed a QR code that leads to a world of goodness for the audience, it is important to ensure that you have properly placed a QR code and that it leads to a site that is mobile-friendly. […]


Websites Central to Marketing Strategy


The recovery of the UK economy began with foreign investment in the London property market but it has been supported by manufacturing industry determined to recover from a few lean years. Consumer confidence has been returning and enterprising businesses have grasped the opportunity to increase their sales. In order to do that they need a […]


7 Actionable Video Marketing Tips For Your Business

video marketing

#480887715 / gettyimages.com Research has shown that 70% of B2B marketers have already gotten into the world of B2B marketing. Using video is trendy and inspiring, and can help you generate more income. Here are 7 video marketing tips that you can use to help your business: 1. Solicit viewer feedback. Stop releasing videos and […]


From #Instagram To #Insta-Marketing

instagram_logo (1)

Visual marketing is becoming one of the biggest ways to market to your audience – so why not start the journey with an Instagram account? Instagram can be a great way to reach out to your customers and get your point across in a short and photographic way. People enjoy getting the message through a […]


First-Time Entrepreneurs, Stop Making These Mistakes


Making mistakes is an inevitable part of being an entrepreneur. Although failing isn’t a requirement when it comes to being successful, it certainly allows you to open your mind up to changes and learn from the mistakes you made to begin with. Though there are many things you can’t avoid when it comes to running […]


Are You Exploiting The Benefits Of Online Forums?


Online forums won’t benefit your business – if they’re improperly used. When it comes to marketing your business, online forums can be a great way to initiate conversation with current and new customers, gather advice from other entrepreneurs or collect information about your competition’s products. Register Although many forums regulate who can comment on their […]


Marketing Through the Eyes of the Customer


Marketing through social media, content marketing or even email marketing requires a sense of creativity. Even if you’re not exactly the creative type, marketing to your target audience is easy because you imagine what they would want or what kinds of ads they would like to see and you create them, or so you think. […]


21 Places to Find Awesome Social Media Content Your Followers Will Love


Are you struggling for time to maintain a blog but still want to provide some helpful content to keep your social media followers interested? You need to setup a schedule to share other peoples con… Source: blog.red-website-design.co.uk See on Scoop.it – Online and SoMe Marketing Related articles 5 Social Media Tips for Social Good Companies […]