Sony Xperia Z5 : Next Flagship Device From Sony


Everyone out there, you must surely be all excited and fascinated to know what specifications does this dreamy phone possess! From the very beginning, Sony had tried to draw extra attention towards this dream phone series by starring Katrina Kaif in its advertisement. May be there could be comparison drawn between the two beauties, no […]


Flower Arrangement Ideas for Every Occasion


There are so many choices when it comes to creating beautiful floral arrangements. Firstly, there is the choice of material itself. Are you going to select fresh flowers, silk creations or even blooms made from buttons for your bouquet? Secondly, there is the style of the arrangement to be decided upon.  This could be one […]


Top Factors: Ensure Business Success


Today’s economic environment is competitive and as such any business needs to ensure it is built on strong foundations. Here we look at eight factors which are critical to business success. Business Plan A written business plan should be the first step for any new enterprise as it will help to ascertain whether there is […]


How to align sales and marketing to boost revenue by 208%

It seems like a no brainer that sales and marketing should work in harmony. Since marketing are the ones who attract the business that sales have to sell to. Yet they often find themselves at loggerheads and unfortunately this is seen as the norm in some organizations… View image | What these organizations are […]


VPS Hosting: Holding your Mission-Critical Websites with Security


In this IT motivated landscape, organizations equipped with robust technology, approach and strategies can only envisage for growth. It is extremely necessary to have best-in-class web hosting platform when looking forward to build sturdy online presence. It comes with no surprise that VPS hosting is one of the outstanding web hosting kinds, integrated with absolute […]


Good Writing Skills Is a Key to Good Social Media

Just because everyone else text talks their way through Twitter doesn’t make it right. While I’m okay with “lol,” for the most part, if you are trying to declare yourself as a social media professional, “iyuttomiwgms” (if you use text talk one more time I will get my shotgun). Communications (the written word) is the […]


FTQ: How Long Should My Social Media Posts Be?

What’s the maximum length for posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? And what’s the ideal length for driving the most engagement? Check out our latest SlideShare to find out: What’s been your experience in using promoted social posts? Tell us about it in the comments — we’d love to hear from you! Related articles FTQ: […]


Make Your Wedding Pleasant & Memorable


Wedding is the most special day of your life. It’s the day when you start the ‘rest of your life’ with someone special. But while your wedding is a special day, the weddings that we usually attend aren’t entrenched in our memory! So, try these simple wedding planning tips to make your special day a […]


10 Ways to Make Your Honeymoon more Romantic


Your honeymoon is a period which is special to both you and your spouse. The article lists 10 things that you should consider to make your honeymoon more pleasant and free of hassles. Ideally, you don’t need anything else than your partner to make things romantic. Especially when you are recently married, all the emotions […]


Paid Social Media Posts:What You Need to Know

Remember the good old days, when all you needed to make an impression on social media was quality content? Yeah, me neither. Well, barely. Don’t get me wrong — quality is still king, especially given the effusion of crap content that’s clogging the social web. It’s just that, with everybody and their dogs getting on […]


Oil Pulling: You May Not Need a Dentist or Meds After

Sometimes when you look for a miracle on the Internet at the exact time you need one, it stands before you. As great as everyone makes the Canadian healthcare system out to be, the one thing we cannot get without money, or if you’re lucky enough to be one of the 40% who have insurance, […]


The Easiest and Safest Way to Transfer Data when Switching to a New Phone


Do you often have trouble with data transfer when you get a brand new phone? You may say no when you don’t have many files to transfer. But it is a big trouble if you have many contacts, photos, songs, videos and even messages to transfer from your old phone to the new one. There […]


#ZEEF applies human intelligence to filter the world’s information


Content curation sites are exploding in popularity all over the Internet. And for good reason too – with so much information available online now it can be difficult, not to mention time consuming or disconcerting, to find the right content for your needs. Content curation is a technique to find, gather and present highly selective […]


Writing your first book? Before you start, know what sells.

Looking at “The Right Way to Start an Online Business – The Untold Truths of What it Takes AFTER Your First Sale to Succeed Online: The Selling Your Services Edition”, you come up with a great idea (premise or angle) for a book:  “How to start and succeed as a virtual assistant”.  If this answers […]


A Content Discovery Tool that should be in every entrepreneurs toolbox.

A recent article in Website Magazine says “Content discovery tools are the best thing since sliced bread.”  The author of the article lists some of the top tools so be sure to read the full article to learn more about each one. One that is probably already in your “arsenal” is Hootsuite. And you thought […]


Essentials of Freelance Content Writing Jobs

If you are talented and skilled with an urge to settle down nothing but with the best, there is a new job market that has opened up, that is booming and paying well. As per the leading freelancing website, out of the 3 million plus users, 1.2 million are from India. India has truly emerged […]