Why Have UK House Prices Grown So Fast?

UK Property

Over the past several years, particularly the 12 months leading up to June 2013, British house prices have rocketed and are now amongst the most expensive in Europe. Whilst London may be the city most often quoted as having the highest prices, the market is also booming in many other areas of the UK, with […]


Beautiful Destinations to Dive In


When you are on a vacation one of your best activities can be scuba diving. You will find lots of fish, plants and other exotic creatures under the sea. The marine world is a lot different from the world in which we live in and the journey to the world under the sea can be […]


Tips to Buy Latest Trend Bow Ties


Ties for men come in many colors, designs, fabrics, and even cuts. Since there are many options available, even those people who have been sporting ties for lots of years frequently find it hard to decide when browsing the tie racks. So, here are the best tips to buy mens neckties online or from the […]


FTQ: Is Blogging Really Good for SEO?

Today we’re continuing our SlideShare series called FTQs (FrequentlyTweeted Qestions) with a SlideShare on the SEO benefits of blogging. Can’t see the SlideShare? In today’s SlideShare, we’ll show you the 3 reasons why a well written, well maintained blog can be your SEO strategy’s secret weapon. Have a question you’d like answered in an upcoming […]


Why Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant?


Since it’s 2014, it’s safe to say that employees are easier to find than they once were. Looking for a specific set of skills in an assistant is no longer a difficult task because the Internet has provided larger area to sift through. When you’re beginning your own business, hiring a virtual assistant can be […]


Are You Turning YOUR Blog Comments Off?

Are You Turning YOUR Blog Comments Off-

There is a great debate brewing online. Chris Brogan and Copyblogger are for it. Mark Schaefer is against it – and so am I. This great debate? Blog Comments. Recently Copyblogger decided to close down the comment section of their blog, and now Chris Brogan is following suit. Their reasons? Spam and not enough time. […]


Some Animals Need A Mobile Vet

There are some animals that stress out to the point of endangering themselves if you take them into a brick and mortar veterinary office for a checkup. My Luke was one of them. When he was two, I left him with a really great vet to get his teeth cleaned — a procedure that requires […]


Automobile Insurance Is a Stable Career Option


  Insurance is a growing business as more and more owners of properties both movable and immovable want them protected. Be it a car, building, or shop, the chances of accidents cannot be ruled out. As eventualities cannot be foreseen it is wise to take protection against such mishaps well in advance. Insurance involves paying […]


10 Swimming Pools to Dive For

Casa !ido

Most vacations are about fun and sun.  Those two words translate into swimming. For sun we suggest traveling south of the border to Mexico.  For fun we offer elaborate swimming delights. Check out the foreknowing article about 10 sweet spots to swim.  Man made in heaven made locations. 10 piscinas en el área de Puerto […]


Devise the Right Online Marketing Strategy

In today’s marketing environment, every marketer is in the process of applying strategies to generate more business for the company. Whether you are associated with a small firm dealing in clothing or a big beauty brand, you are bound to come across certain challenges.  These challenges can pop up as inability in brand promotion, lack […]


The Transmedia Mindmap

Because there is so much noise in cyberspace, if a marketing plan for a company or product does not include transmedia, the potential for being heard is lessened. Ultimately, it isn’t about throwing up a Facebook or Google Plus page, having a profile on LinkedIn or a Twitter and YouTube account. Yes, all five of […]


So How Do You Go About Beta Testing A Product The Right Way?

There is no substitute for experience. I hope you would agree with that statement. Part of my job as a curator, is to be a facilitator. I honestly derive a great deal of satisfaction remaining if you will,  in the background and making introductions. Yes, I like to get people shaking hands and talking. And […]


Cool Tool: B2B Content Engine

If your day is anything like mine, it starts with the chickens and ends with the owls … and scarcely a day goes by that I don’t head to bed with 20 items remaining on my to-do list. And as much as I enjoy my role as Chief Content Officer of Resonance, I still have […]


Want to nail content marketing? Stop thinking like an advertiser and start thinking like a media company

Great advice for all content marketers — from newbies to seasoned veterans: Want to nail content marketing? Stop thinking like an advertiser and start thinking like a media company | The Drum. Related articles How to Hang Wall Art How To Do A Hashtag Manicure, The Perfect #NailArt For Social Media Nerds Pulling Nails


Soda Ash Market In 2014

The worldwide markets for soda ash in thousand metric tons can be analysed through thorough research. Basically there are several end-use segments that can determine the analysis of soda ash in the market today. These include the following elements: Glass (Container Glass, Flat Glass, Fiber Glass, & Others) Chemicals Soaps & Detergents Pulp & Paper […]


World Cup Content Marketing: the Winners, Losers and Yellow Cards

RebelMouse gives us a roundup of the best and worst of World Cup–themed content marketing: RebelMouse Blog – World Cup Content Marketing: the Winners, Losers and Yellow Cards. Related articles World Cup 2014: Winners and Losers from Day 24 Boncha Boncha Launches Limited Edition National Flag Candies, Just in… Man United, Liverpool… who are the […]