Welcome To The Internet Billboards Blogger Outreach Program

The Internet Billboards Blogger Outreach Program is an exclusive by invitation only program which is designed to increase traffic, readers, and subscribers to both it’s participant’s and to Internet Billboards.

This is a tremendous opportunity to participate in a revolutionary marketing and branding concept with an extremely high value proposition.

Please consider your invitation to the program carefully, we encourage you to ask questions about it.  If you should decline the invitation of course there will be no hard feelings, however this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Here is how the Blogger Outreach Program works.

The best part is that you have been asked to participate in the program,  so there is no approval process, or hoops to jump through.

You submit an original article which you have written to be featured on Internet Billboards. The article is featured in our top slider (a prominent spot) To qualify we ask that in addition to being an original article that you have written, you do not submit the article to other sites for a period of seven days.

Another words, this must be an article you are writing exclusively for the program. There are no minimums or maximums, you can submit an article a year or an article every day.

You will have complete editorial control over your topic and article. We have invited you to this special program because of your expertise within your niche. Internet Billboards is building a large interest graph through content  curation, and human filters, so we offer something for everyone.

Here is what you get in return for each original article you submit for publication on Internet Billboards.

We will curate 3 articles from your main site onto our platform. We will include some highlight’s and original text in the curation on your piece giving it adequate coverage, and additionally provide a few links for your site within the post.

We will mention at least one of your social media profiles and recommend your content to our subscriber base and viewers through “The Web Curated” This is our weekly blast which goes out to our subscriber base.

We will provide some additional comment’s on your blog posts which are helpful and that will stimulate engagement. I can guarantee 3 comment’s minimum as well, per post, but you can expect more.

We do have a network of curator’s who are happy to help because growing the site gives them a larger audience as well.

Finally, within the program I can also guarantee 3 shares minimum of your content via Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus from your site,  in addition we will also be sharing your content from Internet Billboards as well.

If you could except or decline your personal invitation as soon as possible using our quick content form that would be greatly appreciated.

This will go directly to me, the founder Tom George, and if you do except your invitation into the Blogger Outreach Program, please have your first article submitted within three weeks or sooner.

Again, after your first submission you will be able to submit all future articles as often as you like for publication on Internet Billboards. I hope to be able to welcome you to an exclusive club and a very special program.

Thank You,

Tom George


Internet Billboards