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We assist people around the Banderas Bay to sell their homes, rent out homes to vacationers, set up fun things through our concierge and sponsor local events.

Chris Pesenti, A Mexico Hero

Chris Pesenti works in the Northwest part of Mexico.  He has been there for 11 years.  Chris is involved with natural resources and empowers people in non profits and community owned businesses. Mr. Pesenti founded RED Sustainable Travel.  This organization promotes social and economic development in rural communities throughout Northwest Mexico.  The organization links species and […]

Puerto Vallarta Welcomes Alberto Mejia

Alberto Mejia

Mexico: Puerto Vallarta + Alberto Mejia = An Enjoyable Evening.  Alberto is a singer that will sweep your heart away. So… if you are planning a trip to Mexico, think Puerto Vallarta and if you plan on Puerto Vallarta, think Alberto Mejia. Alberto will be performing at the Palm Cabaret and Bar.  This nightclub is […]

¿Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico?

If you haven’t heard about Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico then you have not spoken with Gina Machorro.  She is dubbed “The Information Goddess” of Puerto Escondido. The area is wonderful for walking tours.  The culture is idigenous Mexteca.  My favorite is the culinary tours, delicious. Check out Gina and Puerto Escondido.  It is a vacation […]

O.K. is Not O.K. in Brazil and …

When traveling the secret to having a good time is common courtesy. But… even when you try to be polite you may find yourself in a heated argument. The dispute is not the problem.  It is the understanding of the situation that is important and an eventual solution. Never assume anything when in a different […]

Banderas Bay Initiative – Mexico

The Banderas Bay Initiative is an initiative to strengthen our ability to keep Banderas Bay thriving for years to come.  Many organizations need help and this is the place to get it. Rick Main, who with the help of many in the community, including Dr. Max Greig, former rector of the University of Guadalajara’s local […]

Food Sovereignty – Mexico

What is Food Sovereignty?  The right of people to define their own food systems.  And… what does that mean?  Put the individuals who produce, distribute and consume food at the center of decisions on food systems and policies, rather than the corporations and market institutions they believe have come to dominate the global food system. […]

NIMBY – Not in My Backyard – Trash

There are things in life that most of us do not want to address.  Trash is one of those things.  NIMBY – Not in My Backyard. Here is a story about two people who are actively addresses what most of us don’t.  Not only are they addressing the problem, but… they are offering a solution. […]

Baby Boomers Retiring to Latin America

With the down turn in the world economy many people who planned decades ago for retirement are having to rethink their plans.  What seemed like a simple plan took a turn and now those same goal orientated folks are having to sharpen their pencil and look again at retirement. Thank goodness there is an alternative […]

Born in Mexico, Stay in Mexico, Prosper in Mexico

You’ve heard” what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico?”  Well that also, thankfully, refers to births. More people born in Mexico are realizing that staying in Mexico is better for their health and prosperity.  This is a growth country in wealth and intellegence. Thanks to Enrique Valdes Garcia many more people born in Mexico are […]

A Mexican Hero in Mexico

We often hear of people who venture forth into Mexico to do good.  Here is a story of a Mexican, in Mexico, doing great things. Those who come to Mexico to see the simplicity of the county may be disappointed.  This is a country in a growth mode and not looking to end for many […]

A Real Hero of Mexico, Julieta Villacaña Cárdenas

Mexico is an emerging country.  There are Heroes helping the country to grow in amazing positive ways. Julieta Villacaña Cárdenas is one of those Heroes.  She is a shinning star and an incredible hard worker. This story is truly inspirational.  There are many reasons to come to Mexico.  This is not a reason to visit […]

December + Kim Kuzma + Vallarta Yacht Club = Yeah!

December is the perfect month to visit Puerto Vallarta.  The Vallarta Yacht Club is the perfect place to visit.  Kim Kuzma is the perfect performer to hear.  The combination is pure Perfection. And… it’s a delicious combination as well.  December 16h is the first dinner concert of the season.  Kim is a dynamic performer. Time […]

Vacation Chamber, Mexico

Looking for a Classy Vacation?  Puerto Vallarta is the place for you.  Tropical breezes and Chamber Orchestra music. The annual Holiday performance in the Bay of Banderas is delightful.  This is a perfect time to visit and have the tremendous added plus of class. Along with sweet sounds there will be a choral ensemble.  Classisc […]

New Theater, Old Plays, Puerto Vallarta

There is a new Theater in Puerto Vallarta.  It is producing old Plays.  The combination is wonderful. There are many performers and plays to choose from.  One of the first is Steel Magnolias. So… if your vacation plans include going somewhere with great theater.  Include Puerto Vallarta in your plans.  You won’t be disappointed. Read […]

Sun, Margaritas and Charity in Puerto Vallarta

A vacation in Puerto Vallarta can put a glow on your face.  A combination of Sun, Margaritas and Charity will do the trick. Pasitos de Luz is a daycare center for disabled children.  They come from poverty-striken families. Hurry down for an end of the year fundraiser.  Your opportunity for fun and help is just […]

Aeromexico Announces New Service from Chicago – PV Guide

The windy city of Chicago is blowing cold these days.  It’s whispering the name, Puerto Vallarta, and suggesting you take a trip. Thankfully Mexico is responding with a loud Hola.  Aeromexico has added flights from Chicago to Puerto Vallarta. Here’s the good news.  Be careful to book a round-trip ticket or you could end up […]