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Driving Sales Through Creative Mobile Marketing

Jun 2 2016 | By: Sophorn Chhay| 10 | Share
mobile marketing

Your marketing team is the first line of defense in getting the word out about your brand and what you have to offer. The campaigns they create and methods they use are an integral part of the overall strategy and how your company attracts and retains the audience. Here are a few tips to help increase

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SMB’s In Need Of Enterprise Level Campaigns, See Our Short List

Mar 9 2016 | By: Sophorn Chhay| 6 | Share

We are in the age of adoption. Competitive research proves that today’s marketing methods are adopting practices that Enterprise level campaigns installed one two or in some cases three years back. It has now become evident that digital marketing is not as it once was ie: simple meat and potato

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A Mobile App Or A Mobile Website Which One Do You Really Need?

Feb 23 2016 | By: Sophorn Chhay| 11 | Share
Mobile App or Mobile Website

If you are a business whose trying to establish a mobile presence to increase your traffic, as well as your revenue, you are probably wondering if you would be better off with a mobile app or a mobile website. And while they are both similar in many ways, they both serve their own individual purposes.

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