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Tom George is the founder and CEO of Internet Billboards. He is a futurist and a digital strategist, as well as a serial entrepreneur.

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Founder and CEO of Internet Billboards. A futurist and serial entrepreneur, as well as a professional fitness trainer, martial artist, and business strategist. Helped to develop inbound advertising. An avid content curator who enjoys finding those digital gems out there in cyberspace and sharing them with others.

Sriracha: A Documentary Film | The Cook’s Cook

A mesmerizing review by Jacob Dean of the acclaimed documentary film by Griffin Hammond Srirachi. The Cooks Cook sizzles with great content like this. Can you believe I have never tried Sriracha, I can’t wait to try it out. Perhaps it will go well on a nice Porterhouse Pork Chop, not sure, but I am […]

Will Marissa Mayer Help Yahoo To Compete With Facebook and Google: Or Is Time Running Out?

Yahoo is a darling of a company, and one of the original pioneers of the Internet. I remember back in like 1994 when a friend of mine first mentioned the company to me, I said, “you mean YooHoo”, the chocolate tasty beverage? He said no it’s a directory of content online. Hmm, I thought. I […]

VocaLink Real-Time Payment Infographic | Payments Research | VocaLink IPS

  A real-time payment is a bank transaction that is completed within one minute. Financial institutions have expressed concern regarding real-time transfers and how they are affecting worldwide payment systems by decreasing the need for cash. Among governments, businesses and the general public, there is a demand for widespread payment reform. This is because real-time […]

How Social Media Marketing Will Change With Google Glass and Wearable Tech

I was at a restaurant the other day having lunch with a friend when I looked over and noticed a young woman at a table of 12 wearing a pear of Google Glass. At first I didn’t think much of it. In fact there was also a young guy wearing a pair of the new […]

New App FireChat Will Change the Way We Connect With This Little Known iOS Feature

The advances in technology seem to continue at a remarkable pace, especially in the area of mobile application development. It’s exciting to think of the possibilities that exist for consumers and app users as well as for app developers. If I were to start a new company today, it would probably be a mobile app. […]

Jennifer Lopez Performs Epic Concert in Dubai – See the Pics! | Jennifer Lopez : Just Jared

I saw Jennifer Lopez in concert at the Verizon Center several years back. The show was entertaining, and I have always admired Jennifer’s humble roots. How great would it have been to be at this show in Dubai. Jennifer Lopez performs an epic concert for a huge crowd during the Dubai World Cup on Saturday […]

The Latest In Tech News Stories From Around The Web

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How Publishing With Content Curation Can Increase Your Brands Results

Are we experiencing content fatigue yet? There is so much content being created and shared every day online that many of us are finding it hard to stay well informed about the topics that are important to us. Does that sound like you. Perhaps you have all your Google alerts set up for your keywords, […]

The Facebook Purchase of Oculus Creates A Stir In The Gaming Community

At what point does a company like Facebook crossover into a monopoly? Facebook continues to spend billions on technology companies and is in full business mode. The leading social network has created quite a stir with its latest acquisition of Oculus.  Oculus has some new technology that will be great for the gaming community, but […]

News Publishers Entry Into Content Marketing Is A Sign Of The Times

The New York Times has moved into content marketing with the first native ads, for Dell, appearing o

This article written by Justin Pearse speaks volumes about the potential future of content marketing. Content marketing is necessary to keep your brand on the forefront, and to make sure you stay relevant. It is a source to drive engagement and traffic. A relatively new way of publishing digital content that has actually been around […]

We Want To Share Your Blog Content, RSS and Expand Your Reach

Bundle Post RSS Index

Today Bundle Post begins an expansion from our unique social media content management, curation and scheduling roots, to the addition of content marketing, traffic building and extending reach for blogs and content creators. Today we are announcing the Bundle Post RSS Project that has already begun databasing, categorizing and indexing RSS feeds across the web. […]

8 Social Media Marketing Tools to Rapidly Accelerate Your Growth Online

We’re all looking for ways to improve how we market our business through the many social media channels available. Paying for advertising through the social media channels can help but it’s very costly. There are many tools and apps that can help with your marketing and, although most are paid, it’s a very competitive area […]

How to Discover Social Media Influencers

Social Crawlytics

You’ve probably heard that if someone doesn’t have a Klout score of above 80, then you should ignore them. Or have you heard that Klout should be ignored? Read on and find out the truth… There’s nothing like a bit of controversy to kick off a blog post! Influence is important in social media, and […]

The Rise of Mobile Gaming in 2014


Older readers may recall the day they got their first mobile phone, as the technology began to go mainstream in the mid-1990’s. What a thrill that was – and yet if you think about what the phone was actually like, that excited memory fades pretty quickly. Imagine if someone (from the future, obviously) had shown […]

4 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Ads

social media how to

Are you advertising on Facebook? Do you want to create better Facebook ads ? In this article you’ll  discover four things to help you build a more effective Facebook ad . #1: Choose Color With Care It’s long been accepted that the psychological associations that come with color–and how we process what we see– affect […]

10 Big Brand Facebook Tactics Any Business Can Use

social media how to

Do you have big-brand Facebook page envy? Do you, as a small business owner, want your page to be popular and engaging ? It’s easier than you think to emulate what Facebook’s major players do. In this article, I’ll show you how some of the top brands keep their fans coming back, and how you […]