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Ti Roberts is an Internet marketer & blogger with over 7 years experience. On her blog, she enjoys teaching her following how to generate traffic via Blogging, Social Media, Internet Branding and various unconventional traffic generation strategies. Ti has built her brand around being a self-proclaimed "SEO Rebel", known for her unique, in-depth traffic case studies where she regularly reports her traffic and business building activities to her audience.

[SEO Rebel Roundup!] How to Make 2013 YOUR Year… (SERIOUS traffic nuggets inside)…

Jan 11 2013 | Written by : Ti Roberts| 0 | Share

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Welcome to another edition of our weekly link roundup. I hope you’ve had a great and productive week, getting ready to kick back and get your relaxin’ on. In today’s edition, I have some SERIOUS traffic nuggets for you. This roundup

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