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Founder of SeymourResults.com Today, Social Media has become part of the fabric of our daily life. I spend my hours getting small businesses and busy professionals up to speed with the latest trends in online marketing and social media skills. Our team includes affiliations with graphic designers, creative web designers and WordPress developers. We help businesses develop the perfect social media strategy, create an online presence, attract new clients and keep tabs on their existing business.

Are these 8 “Leaks” undermining your Business Success? – Activate Group, Inc

leaky bucket howard shore

Are these 8 "Leaks" undermining your Business Success? – Activate Group, Inc. It’s still early in the year and this is the time to identify the “leaks” in your own business bucket. If you could work on one thing to move the needle in your business this year, what would it be? In this article, […]

13 Idea-Starters for Stuck Bloggers | Michael Hyatt

Do you ever suffer from the proverbial “Writer’s Block”? Sometimes, a quick return to the basics of “story telling” can help get the ink flowing again. Here is a great list that might help get you unstuck. 13 Idea-Starters for Stuck Bloggers | Michael Hyatt.

How to Use Multimedia for Business Marketing | Inc.com

Are you looking for interesting ways to market your business? Videos, Webcasting and Podcasting are increasingly becoming more popular forms of creating multimedia content. Webcasting is essentially broadcasting a video or media file over the Internet using streaming media technology, which can be distributed to many simultaneous viewers at once. Done the right way, webcasts, […]

How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses | Wired Business | Wired.com

Do you think that the Industrial educational system is able to meet the needs of today’s students? Are contemporary children being prepared and educated for a whole new economy? Access to a world of infinite information has changed how we communicate, process information, and think. Decentralized systems have proven to be more productive and agile […]

Pneumonia: the leading and forgotten child killer – A $1 million prize to save the lives of children under 5.

xray child pneumonia

Did you know that… Pneumonia kills more children under five worldwide than AIDS, malaria and measles combined? via Pneumonia: the leading and forgotten child killer – A $1 million prize to save the lives of children under 5..

Google+: what does it mean for your business? | Media network | Guardian Professional

Google beanbags

When you think about your website’s SEO, you think about Google. Sure, you might do a quick check over at Yahoo and Bing to make sure what you’re doing works there too but let’s face it, your SEO tactics are pretty Google-centric. When you want a new site recognised, you have to tell Google about […]

Fall Leaves: “Ideal Conditions” Seen for Foliage in U.S.

Autumn Colors National Geographic

Fall Leaves: "Ideal Conditions" Seen for Foliage in U.S.. Brian Handwerk for National Geographic News Published October 3, 2012 There may be one upside to the United States’ dry summer—a brilliant fall leaves season, especially in the Northeast. Enjoying the Autumn colors from the balmy, tropical in Miami… love seeing the photography of the Fall […]

Pencils of Promise | Creative Sandbox by Google

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I am SO moved by the Pencils of Promise project that I just discovered in the Creative Sandbox by Google. Here’s a snippet of the concept that is making a huge global difference using Social Media. Inspired by one pencil… Inspired by the potential in every pencil – to write, create, imagine, and invent – […]

New Research Shows Email Marketing Is Not Dead

Email marketing is not dead

In this article, Jason Falls shows that eMail marketing is not as passe as Social media marketers like to claim. I have to admit, as much as I do not enjoy dealing with my overflowing inbox, eMail marketing is still an important part of the overall online marketing strategy. Here is a glimpse into his […]

Guy Kawasaki and 10 Experts Chime in on the Value of Google Plus

Guy Kawasaki's What the Plus Cover

In this insightful round-up of expert opinions, Neal Schaffer of WindmillNetworking.com weighs in on Google’s G+. Here’s snippet of an article worth reading!   Despite the clear SEO advantages that Google Plus provides, business are also slow to adapt to creating business pages.  Google Plus has now announced that they have 400 million users, with […]

Google+: what does it mean for your business? | Media network | Guardian Professional

Google G+

In this Guardian Article, Social Media trainer, Jennifer Begg highlights the reasons why a business should take Google+ more seriously. She also notes that engaging on the social networks is time consuming and a business needs to consider their target market before jumping onto platforms that they are not prepared or committed to managing as […]

Your Facebook Fans Are Hiding Your Posts At An Alarming Rate | Fast Company

So often, my client’s are initially concerned about the number of Facebook “Likes” on their brand page. What is more important is developing a facebook strategy that is valuable to the fans. Producing great content for sharing on Facebook is more critical to the success of a Facebook page than focusing on the number of […]