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Rise of Infographics: Marketing in the Social-Media Age

I’m a huge fan of all things graphics, and so, it seems, are most other folks out there surfing the Internet. I actually created an infographic a while ago, (it wasn’t that good but still took me almost 2 weeks to pull together) so I know how time consuming they are to create. But if […]


5 Lessons Companies Can Learn From the Instagram Fallout

photo pin board

Small business owners might not think these lessons apply to them. After all, not too many of us are anywhere near the heady heights of Facebook and Instagram. But it’s worth taking note, not only so you’re prepared should your business ever reach those heights, but also because by applying the lessons beforehand, they might well […]


How Content Length Affects Rankings and Conversions

Found this over on Scoop.it and thought it was well worth sharing here on Billboards. Some very interesting (and rather surprising) data on how content length directly affects not only rankings, but also conversions. How Content Length Affects Rankings and Conversions.


7 Ways to Use Humor in Your Online Marketing

Humour in marketing

I always think it’s a shame when folks start to take themselves too seriously. Just because you’re running a serious business doesn’t mean you have to be serious all of the time. I started putting more humour (yes, that isthe correct spelling) into my own writing and was amazed at not only how much easier […]


Google Discontinues Free Version of Google Apps for Businesses


Yet another example of why you shouldn’t be relying on someone else to help you out for free. When it comes to business, (yours or Google’s) it’s always going to come down to money. Google Discontinues Free Version of Google Apps for Businesses.  


Facebook Cover Photos Are Disappearing


    Facebook appears to be aggressively removing cover photos that it deems too promotional or in violation of copyright.   This could be a real problem for some online marketers I know. Time to re-read the TOS folks See on mashable.com


14 insightful adjectives that define great content marketing

For our Content Marketing Survey Report, published in association with Outbrain, we asked over 1,300 members of the Econsultancy community for their views on content marketing.   I love using content to market my business, so anything that helps me do it better has got be worth reading! See on econsultancy.com


5 Reasons Social Media Is Ruining Marketing

See on Scoop.it – Online Business Guide Think social media is the perfect platform for marketers? Think again. Here are five reasons why there’s a better answer.   So it looks like all the time I spend playing Zuma over on FB isn’t doing my business any good at all!! Good thing I knew that […]


It’s More Important to Be Kind than Clever

See on Scoop.it – Online Business Guide Whether you’re big or small, there’s no better way to build a business. Nuff said. See on blogs.hbr.org


Is This the Worst Brand Page on Facebook?

See on Scoop.it – Online Business Guide Incredibly funny but right on point. See on mashable.com


How to get Brands and Agencies to Use Your Startup

See on Scoop.it – Online Business Guide Great piece from Mashable (as you’d expect) on how to get customers when you’re fresh out of the starting gate. See on mashable.com


Google+ Launches Tools for Businesses

See on Scoop.it – Online Business Guide Google is releasing a suite of free business tools for Google+ users on Wednesday. See on mashable.com


Is Google’s Synonym Matching Increasing? Can You Say Semantic Web?

See on Scoop.it – Online Business Guide In the beginning, Google matched the words in a searcher’s query to the words on a web page and ranks those pages (roughly) based on how many external links each had. Not any more. See on searchengineland.com


Back to the Future: Social Media & Patron-Shopkeeper Dialogue – Forbes

See on Scoop.it – Online Business Guide An insight into how businesses should really be using Social Media. Not too sure I see Facebook as a friendly shopkeeper… but I like how some of the bigger businesses embrace the fact that just because you’re a big fish doesn’t mean you can’t talk to the little […]