About Peter Freer

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Peter Freer is a digital and social media strategist with deep experience in traditional agency branding and marketing communications for Canada's Fortune 100. Known as 'creative problem solver' by clients, he is a contributing writer and podcaster for PROFIT Guide's web and i-Pad application on technology and marketing for B2B business owners and entrepreneurs. Clients include Assante Wealth, LCBO, Oral-B and WIND Mobile.

Peter is an undergraduate from York University and is certified in E-Marketing from Canadian Marketing Association. He is currently completing his MBA in Digital and Social Media from New England College.  

Business Blogging With Less


Businesses are looking for different ways to engage their online customers. Some of the ways to increase the customer engagement are email marketing, social media marketing as well as business blogging.


Technology That Provides Security in a Dangerous World


February 22, 2013 by Kevin Jordan Since our founding in 1997, TIBCO has always been there when needed. Before and after disasters struck, TIBCO was there to support businesses in need and the people they employ. The last 16 years have been tumultuous, from the scare of Y2K, 9/11, global climate change, countless catastrophic natural […]


How to Fix Your Basic Pay Per Click Advertising Troubles


How to Fix Your Basic Pay Per Click Advertising Troubles 10 98 7 125 There is really nothing more frustrating than having trouble with your PPC campaigns. SEO forces you to wait a while until you see results, and then you see a few, and then you make long-term changes, and then you wait some […]


What’s new with Google’s web analytics?

What’s new with Google’s web analytics? By Search Marketer on January 20, 2013 Google has rolled out 3 interesting updates to the free analytics platform Google Analytics for: In-Page Analytics Mobile measurement trends Google Tag Manager Inpage Analytics: What is In-page Analytics all about? In-Page Analytics provides clickthrough data in the context of your site […]


Banners, buttons and text links: an experiment in conversion

Banners, buttons and text links: an experiment in conversion Much is written about conversions from various types of page real estate, but few share that data.Working with the team at Live Casino we have spent the past 12 months looking at how different call to actions affect click through and uncovered some interesting findings around […]


12/12/12 Google Zeitgeist Shows Top Google Searches in 2012

Google Zeitgeist Shows Top Google Searches in 2012 Google has just compiled its 12th annual Zeitgeist — its list of top global trending searches for the year — and guess what? Somehow, the search term “Gangnam Style” didn’t make it to the top of the pile.Google-Zeitgeist-2011 via 12/12/12 Google Zeitgeist Shows Top Google Searches in […]


The Truth about Marketing Strategies and Tactics

The ultimate goal for every business regardless of the industry is to increase sales and maximize ROI of course. Production of goods and services is one thing, but getting the consumers for these products and services is as the eternal challenge. It’s basic: a business needs to attract more existing and potential customers who are […]


What Experts Won’t Tell You About Social Media


Clearly Social media has given a new dimension to the marketing and has therefore revolutionized the business world. There are different ways social media has impacted a business. Prior to social media, it was difficult for organizations to get the first-hand information about customers’ needs and expectations or gauge the consumer behavior effectively. But, with […]


5 Great Social Media Networks You May Never Have Heard Of

5 Great Social Media Networks You May Never Have Heard Of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. These are some of the names in social media networking that you will be familiar with due to their global popularity. These days, Facebook is pretty much ubiquitous with over 900 million users across the world actively using the site to […]


10 Things to Try on Your Blog Right Now

10 Things to Try on Your Blog Right Now Your blog can be many things: Your personal expression. Your online musings and rants. A chance to entertain or inform. But even the most interesting blog can suffer from a bit of stagnation after awhile. When you start getting bored or lazy, inject new life into […]


The 6 Keys to Overcoming Bad, Blogging Habits

We’re already in 2013, a promising year for your Blogging business! If you haven’t set goals to live by, you should consider doing it right away. Perhaps, you’re stuck to bad blogging habits and want to overcome them.Believe me, you’re not alone. Throughout the month of August last year, I did nothing to grow my […]


The correct image sizes in Facebook, Twitter and Google+

With all the recent changes in the looks of the most popular social networks Facebook, Twitter and Google+, one thing which has changed big time is the way images are being shown. As a small business owner you like your social media pages and profiles to look clean and beautiful. Therefore we offer you a […]


10 Web design trends you can expect to see in 2013

Well, it is that time of year where we start to reflect on the past year and look forward to the new year. In 2012 we have seen several new trends appear in web design, one of the most notable being the rise of responsive design.With just days until we ring in the new year, […]


Hidden Social Media Elements You Should Know – Messageworks Blog – Messageworks Communications -

Hidden Social Media Elements You Should Know After consulting and advising clients on social media channels, best practices and content strategy over the last few months, I thought I would share some very important social media factors that often are critical – and not always obvious – to a successful social media marketing campaign. These […]


5 Realities of B2B Social Selling


B2B social media is unique from consumer social marketing and not without some real challenges to business owners and social media practitioners. Historically, most people that used social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube did so to connect with others and for entertainment purposes. B2B social networking growth has mostly been driven by corporate […]