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I am a marketing support specialist that provides support to other entrepreneurs that are looking for implementation, follow up, and creative support of their marketing strategies. I specialize in blog and email marketing support. I provide advice and suggestions on utilizing available resources to improve their marketing efforts. I watch trends and learn how best to utilize those resources for my clients and together we make magic happen!

Caution..Too many Facebook Marketing Gurus?

Jan 24 2014 | By: Michelle Church| 0 | Share

Facebook is constantly changing. It can be overwhelming to keep up and then there is ALL this advice on utilizing new changes to your greater good – enhancing your business Who should you listen to and why? I love this post and have written about it myself, too many “gurus”. After

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Have You Created Your Marketing To-Do List For 2014?

Dec 12 2013 | By: Michelle Church| 0 | Share

See on – Marketing Support Marketing To-Do List For 2014 MediaPost Communications According to various reports, media budgets globally are expected to grow approximately one to two percent in 2014. Michelle Church‘s insight: This post provides advice on positioning ourselves for

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What Do You Think Is The Best Way to Change Your Habits?

Nov 14 2013 | By: Michelle Church| 0 | Share

Habits are very difficult to break.  Some are critical and should not be changed, yet some cause us to procrastinate and delays the completion of much needed tasks. Resistance to change can cause a delay of growth, well at least in my opinion. I always believe that change is always a good thing, we

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You’re Presence is Required On Google Plus

Nov 12 2013 | By: Michelle Church| 0 | Share

Social media is alive and well.  I find it so interesting that no matter what we look at on television there is always some mention of a social platform and how mainstream it is now.  This article is very interesting and valuable for anyone interested in utilizing Google+ at the same time demonstrating

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5 Ways to Repurpose a Blog Post

Nov 6 2013 | By: Michelle Church| 0 | Share

Blogging is needed for all businesses and often difficult to keep up. Yes, as experts in our industries, we can talk the talk, but what about the market we serve.  Often it is difficult coming up with a topic or ideas to blog about. If you have been blogging for a while, you already have content that

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Want B2B Email Subscribers: Remember, Less Is More | BtoB Sales and Marketing

Nov 5 2013 | By: Michelle Church| 0 | Share

If you’re in the B2B space and want email subscribers, there’s a magic formula for success—make it easy. Email subscribers want the same thing we all want; for the process to be quick, easy and deliver valuable information in return. And, if you’re a marketer, we likely don’t have to tell

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Client Communication Explained by Prime Numbers

Nov 3 2013 | By: Michelle Church| 0 | Share

Ever open up a client email and exclaim, “They just don’t get it!” or “Weren’t they listening to me?” My personal angst is, “Don’t they remember we talked about this?!” Welcome to the world of customer service. Whether you offer a service or a product, you’re B2B or B2C, online or

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How to Blow Your Competitors Out of the Water—Even When There’s an Entire Sea of ‘Em

Nov 2 2013 | By: Michelle Church| 0 | Share

Typography 1 (Photo credit: Constanza Volare) Last week, we talked about sustainable marketing efforts–not just wham bam thank you ma’am attempts like putting your logo on a BIC pen and handing them out to random nuns. Not effective. A much more effective way to market yourself? Becoming the obvious

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Why are some copywriters so darn expensive?

Nov 1 2013 | By: Michelle Church| 0 | Share

  I’m a Goldilocks shopper. I’m suspicious of the cheapest option and wary of the most expensive. I want everything to be just right and I’m always listening for the ways businesses justify their price tag. You get what you pay for, right? On the flip side of the purchasing process, every

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The Role of Content in Creating a Mobile Society | Digital Marketer

Oct 2 2013 | By: Michelle Church| 0 | Share

In August, TIME declared we are now living in the “Golden Age of Mobile,” and it’s true. Barriers to high-speed connectivity are crumbling. Innovation in mobile technology is flourishing at lightning speed. Our mobile devices are capable of things that seemed impossible just a few years ago. Knowing

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How to Develop With Instead of For Your Customers

Sep 23 2013 | By: Michelle Church| 0 | Share

How often are we told to test with our markets to understand and meet their needs.  It takes time effort and thought to plan that out.  I loved this post as it gave some great ideas and shared a different approach.  I love this from the post “In order to take advantage of the incredible insight

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The Most Important Thing About Infographics

Sep 19 2013 | By: Michelle Church| 0 | Share

I LOVE Infographics…the concept is simple and a quick way to learn and compare information and an excellent compliment to any content strategy.  When done well it covers a vast array of valuable information in such a beautiful way.  I personally have not attempted to create any yet, but I see

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Corporate Storytelling Lessons from Kevin Spacey

Sep 6 2013 | By: Michelle Church| 0 | Share

If you haven’t seen this video from actor and House of Cards star Kevin Spacey, it’s worth the five minutes of your time. The speech, edited and served up by the folks at Telegraph UK, contains a road map for brand storytelling worthy of global enterprise brands. In case you aren’t already familiar

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7 Ways Content Marketing Can Help You Close Sales Faster

Sep 4 2013 | By: Michelle Church| 0 | Share

I recently got involved in a Linkedin group discussion about an article that equated content marketing to giving away free stuff. It claimed that a large segment of the population doesn’t place much value on this type of content – blogs, articles, white papers, e-books, etc. If you want to get the

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Content Writing Best Practices | Social Media Today

Aug 6 2013 | By: Michelle Church| 0 | Share

I’ve been asked to give a brief lesson on how to write content for the web. While it’s writing we’re going to cover, to apply the lesson I want you to think of yourself as an artist. You’re going to paint a picture—illustrate a point (or several). So you’ll start with a sketch. The blank

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Social Media’s Most Important Question | Social Media Today

Aug 6 2013 | By: Michelle Church| 0 | Share

The question for most businesses leaders is not “if” they should be using social media. There are far more important questions to both ask and answer. Did you know that on average 98% of the people who “like” a business Facebook page will never visit the actual page again? They may only see

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Entrepreneurs Quit Trying to Monetize Your Business, Monetize Your Passion! | The Marketing Nut

Jul 22 2013 | By: Michelle Church| 0 | Share

Funny how when you do what you love it just happens naturally. When you love what you do for work, somehow it simply doesn’t feel like work. Many people start new businesses and focus only on the monetary side of the equation. They sit and brainstorm services, products, apps, technology, gidgets and

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How to Launch a Brand New Website (with a Bang!) – The Ultimate Guide

Jul 17 2013 | By: Michelle Church| 0 | Share

I’m often asked about the biggest mistakes that I’ve made while starting and running my online businesses. I typically answer with the   following: Not starting sooner. Thinking about money before serving an audience. Trying to do everything on my own. Not immediately starting an email list. Using

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