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Mandy is the founder of ME Marketing Services, a social marketing company located in Statesboro, Georgia. A proud graduate of the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia she has a thorough marketing background of over 12+ years covering sales, event planning, local store marketing, advertising and now social media. In the fall you can find her along with her family at Sanford Stadium cheering on their beloved Georgia Bulldogs. Mandy has been mentioned in Forbes and Crain's Chicago Business and was named to the Statesboro Herald's Top 20 under 40 for 2013.

3 Reasons You Need Social Advertising for Your Business

Sep 2 2014 | By: Mandy Edwards| 2 | Share
3 Reasons You Need Social Advertising for Your Business

Social advertising is becoming the new go-to for businesses of all sizes.  As more and more people use and rely on their smartphones and web browsers for information and ideas, businesses are having to adjust their online advertising plans and budgets. Businesses have to be where their customers are and

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Are You Turning YOUR Blog Comments Off?

Aug 11 2014 | By: Mandy Edwards| 3 | Share

There is a great debate brewing online. Chris Brogan and Copyblogger are for it. Mark Schaefer is against it – and so am I. This great debate? Blog Comments. Recently Copyblogger decided to close down the comment section of their blog, and now Chris Brogan is following suit. Their reasons? Spam

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The One Thing You Need for Social Marketing Success

Aug 6 2014 | By: Mandy Edwards| 0 | Share

I have figured out the key to success for social media marketing! Sounds like some slimy sales pitch you’d hear on TV, right?  Maybe an informercial?? Well, maybe so, but after some years in this industry, the main key to any social success is simple. It’s know your purpose, know your “why”. Simple

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Get More Followers for Your Google Plus Business Page

Aug 3 2014 | By: Mandy Edwards| 1 | Share

I love Google Plus. It’s one of my favorite platforms. The drama factor is lower than on Facebook. A few years ago, Google Plus launched their business pages, much like Facebook’s. They way Google Plus works is much, much more organic than Facebook in the fact there is no advertising on Google

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Lead Generation Ideas that Actually Work

Jul 31 2014 | By: Mandy Edwards| 0 | Share

Part of owning a successful business is being able to generate leads. Leads will turn into sales or clients or whatever your goal is. However, coming up with the right lead generation method for your business can be tough. Fortunately, here’s an article that can help. unbounce recently wrote a

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How to Balance Your Work & Personal Lives

Jul 22 2014 | By: Mandy Edwards| 0 | Share

Being a full-time social media professional, full-time mom and full-time wife, life can hand you a lot to juggle. We are all busy. We are all stressed. There are thousands of self-help articles on the web that give you specific how-tos on balancing your work & personal life. Not every step-by-step

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25 Ideas for Your Social Strategy – and It All Starts With Twitter

Jul 21 2014 | By: Mandy Edwards| 0 | Share

I admire Mark Schaefer. This is one of the few people whose word I value in the business world. I’ve had a consulting sessions with him and I’ve had the privilege of writing for him. Recently on his blog, {grow}, he published an article called 25 Ideas for Your Social Media Network Strategy.

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10 Ways to Get Unfollowed on Twitter

Jul 16 2014 | By: Mandy Edwards| 4 | Share

I love Twitter. I really do. I also find vetting my followers extremely aggravating. These are adults who just don’t get it – no sense of grammar, no regards to pictures (if they even have a profile pic), and so on. That being said, there are A LOT of great people on Twitter who do it right

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