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Mandy is the founder of ME Marketing Services, a social marketing company located in Statesboro, Georgia. A proud graduate of the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia she has a thorough marketing background of over 12+ years covering sales, event planning, local store marketing, advertising and now social media. In the fall you can find her along with her family at Sanford Stadium cheering on their beloved Georgia Bulldogs. Mandy has been mentioned in Forbes and Crain's Chicago Business and was named to the Statesboro Herald's Top 20 under 40 for 2013.

Newsflash: You’re not all that and a bag of potato chips – your community is

Jun 15 2015 | By: Mandy Edwards| 3 | Share
potato chips

Despite what society and media tell us, it’s not all about us. The world does not revolve around you – or your business, as a matter of fact.   Don’t get me wrong – when you own your own business, it feels like everything revolves around it. Your time, take-home pay, bills, etc. all

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Maximizing Social Media at Events

Jun 10 2015 | By: Mandy Edwards| 8 | Share
maximizing social media at events

I recently attended the Southern C Summit in Charleston. This was a gathering of some of the South’s brightest social media pros, business owners, techies and more! Of course, it 99% women, so you get who I’m talking about 🙂 I, for one, was really excited. It was my first Summit and

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I Will No Longer Be an Instagram Slacker

Jun 8 2015 | By: Mandy Edwards| 1 | Share
Instagram Slacker Southern C (1)

Ah, Instagram. The lovely app that lets you share pictures of your food, your kids and your selfies. I’ve been an active user of Instagram personally. I’ve been a slacker using it professionally. No more. I was recently at a conference where pretty much every business there had an active Instagram

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50 Inspiring Business Quotes

Jan 23 2015 | By: Mandy Edwards| 1 | Share
50 Inspiring Business Quotes to Start Your Week With - Pinterest

in·spi·ra·tion noun the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Okay, so I know this isn’t your normal social media business post and it could be considered fluff. But I don’t care. Lately I’ve been doing work for a client and

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Why You Should Ignore “Expert” Lists

Jan 19 2015 | By: Mandy Edwards| 0 | Share
Why You Should Ignore -Expert- Lists

I’m having a love/hate relationship with the social media industry right now. I’ll be a big girl and admit it. What am I talking about? “Expert” lists. For all the value they can bring, I love them and for the negative they also bring, well, they suck. Before I go any further, let me say this.

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Want to Use Social Media Ads? Read this first.

Jan 7 2015 | By: Mandy Edwards| 3 | Share
Want to Use Social Media Ads- Read this first.

I’m going to lay some truth on you… in order for your content to be seen on social media you are going to have to pony up some money and use social media ads. Ah yes, pay to play. That’s what I’m talking about. Calm down, it’s not that bad – trust me. It’s actually

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Why Deleting Your Facebook Page is NOT the Answer

Dec 29 2014 | By: Mandy Edwards| 0 | Share

I know we all have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Recently Copyblogger took it to an all-new level – they deleted their Facebook page. Yes, a business with over 30,000 fans just walked away. I am not going to bash them in this post – it was their decision. However I can give my

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Dear Santa: A Social Media Professional’s Wish List

Dec 22 2014 | By: Mandy Edwards| 1 | Share

My daughters have started to make their Christmas wish lists. Actually, they started back during the summer. Christmas is a time of year that evoke feelings of generosity and community, especially in the social media world. We have seen A LOT of changes, both good and bad, this past year and there are

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Why I Would Give Up Facebook in a Heartbeat

Dec 19 2014 | By: Mandy Edwards| 0 | Share

Yes you read that right. A social media professional publicly stating she’d give up Facebook. Let me explain… I have been a Facebook user since the fall of 2006. I enjoyed simply because I could keep up with my sister out of state. My mom joined a few years later. Being on Facebook originally

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A New Must-Read: The Art of Social Media

Dec 16 2014 | By: Mandy Edwards| 0 | Share

I love a good book. I love a good, relevant social media book even more. I’ve read many titles from various social media professionals, but Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick’s The Art of Social Media is a new one to the must-read list. I was fortunate to be one of the beta readers for this

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Why Giving Away Free Social Media Services Won’t Work

Oct 31 2014 | By: Mandy Edwards| 0 | Share
Why Giving Away a Free Month of Social Media Marketing Won't Work

In a span of 2 hours, I saw two different Facebook ads from local marketing companies offering a free month of social media marketing when you mention that Facebook post. Excuse me while I laugh hysterically and get sick at the same time. Anyone reputable who works in social media and knows what they

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Does Social Media Hype Pan Out?

Oct 28 2014 | By: Mandy Edwards| 0 | Share
Does Social Media Hype Pan Out

Even though I have not seen the whole movie, I am a big fan of Pixar’s Up. There is a scene that perfectly describes social media and how businesses perceive social media marketing… the characters come across a talking dog. While the dog is talking, all of a sudden he yells “SQUIRREL!”

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Top Twitter Chats to Take Part In

Oct 10 2014 | By: Mandy Edwards| 0 | Share
Top Tweet Chats

I love Twitter. I love Tweet Chats even more. Tweet Chats allows you to have short, fast and fun conversations with people around a certain topic. Recently, Brian Fanzo of Broadsuite put together a great list of the top 16 Tweet Chats that help to build communities. Building communities takes time and

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How to Be Yourself in Business

Oct 8 2014 | By: Mandy Edwards| 0 | Share
How to Be Yourself in Business

Many times we can get caught up being someone we’re not to put on a certain facade for business-sake. We all want to appear to be that smart, innovative executive who can handle anything. It’s not about faking who you are, it’s more like being scared to be who you are. Businesses are

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Do You Catch Typos in Your Blog Posts? I didn’t think so.

Oct 1 2014 | By: Mandy Edwards| 0 | Share
Do You Catch Typos in Your Blog Posts? I didn't think so.

Misspellings and grammatical errors are my pet peeves. Not only are they unprofessional, to me it shows lack of education. So what do I do when someone points out a typo on my site?  Absolutely freak out. Everyone makes typos on their blog. Everyone makes typos that they don’t catch. You can read

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8 Attributes to Having Success Using Social Media

Sep 29 2014 | By: Mandy Edwards| 0 | Share
8 Attributes to Having Success Using Social Media

In the somewhat modified words of Forrest Gump… Using social media for your business is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. Contrary to what some may say, social media success does not happen overnight. Yes, something may go viral, but that doesn’t mean you are going

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4 Ways to Use Twitter Lists

Sep 12 2014 | By: Mandy Edwards| 0 | Share

Whether you are using social media for business or for personal use, there is a need for organization. Google Plus has circles. Facebook has Interest Lists. Pinterest has boards. Twitter has Twitter Lists. There are many ways you can use Twitter Lists – it’s really the only way I can use the

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Simple Tips to Help You Stand Out on Social Media

Sep 5 2014 | By: Mandy Edwards| 0 | Share
Simple Tips to Help You Stand Out on Social Media

The internet is a noisy place. It’s very easy to get lost in the mass of people and content each and everyday. Those that get noticed have found a way to stand out from all that noise. Recently, Social Fresh published an article that will help you be seen and heard. Founder Aaron Lee interviewed

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