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I'm Kelly McCausey and I love hosting the Solo Smarts podcast. Being a solopreneur, operating unique online businesses and helping others find their own success makes me one happy camper.

Google Hangouts For Your Biz: Passing Fad?

Google Hangouts for Biz

Nicole Dean’s Expert Briefs this week centers on Google Hangouts as used for your business. I’ve been asked to be on several Google Hangouts recently. And, once I figured out the technology (well, at least figured it out enough that I can muddle through) – it’s lots of fun! But, is it worthwhile from a […]


Freelancers, You Can Make Extra Money When You Need It

Fast Cash Ideas for Freelancers

Tanya Smith put together a quick and useful resource for freelancers who’d like to put some extra money in their wallet in the near future. She says: Being a freelance entrepreneur can really be a rewarding experience, but sometimes it’s hard to predict when your next gig is going to pay your bills for the […]


If Your Dog Wrote Your About Page

Great About Page Practices

Anita Hampl is pretty passionate about About pages and I think she makes a great point when she says: You need it to catch their attention. You want the visitors to think, “Hmmm, let me read a little more about this person (and their business) before I click away.” She’s sharing great quick tip and […]


You Really Can Make Pinterest Graphics Yourself

Pinterest Pixlr Templates

My pal Lynette Chandler has released a super tutorial showing you how to create your own Social Friendly Images to grace your blog content and make it more clickable and shareable. She says: In the video below, I’ll guide you through the steps for creating pin-worthy graphic from scratch using Pixlr, a free online tool. […]


Relationships Are Important To Freelancer’s Success

Freelancing Success

Is your future freelancing business success about who you know? Mary Bernard thinks so: I can’t speak for every industry and profession, but I do know that when it comes to operating a successful freelance business, it really is all about who you know. Finding potential clients, winning them, and keeping them are simply not […]


Watch Out For This Phishing Scheme

Phishing Scheme By Phone

Phishing is an attempt to gather information or access by pretending to be someone with a legitimate need for that info. Most of us have run into it in some way.  Those emails that ask us to log into our bank account to confirm an address, etc. Christina Lemmey has discovered that scammers are ‘phishing […]


Freelancer, You ARE An Expert!

Freelancers Have Expertise

In case you need to be told: If you own a business – whether it’s an online or offline business – you’re an expert. Your expertise will differ from other business owners but YOU have something unique to offer your audience. Christina Lemmey is so right about this. Many freelancers undervalue themselves by thinking that […]


Discover How JustRetweet Helps Build On Your Twitter Strategy

Get More Retweets

Have you found JustRetweet yet?  It’s the only ‘hack Twitter’ tool/service I’ve found that I really liked using.  (I use the word hack in a nice way.) You earn credits by retweeting, liking and +ing content you believe your social circle would appreciate and then spend credits by submitting tweets that you’d like others to […]


Don’t Let Wrong Things Cause Wrong Decisions

Making Business Decisions

Do you ever have a tough time making a business decision because of the people involved? Like whether to stay in a business partnership? Decisions get tough when you wrap them up with personal relationships and a misplaced sense of loyalty. We need to care about how our choices impact other people, but I believe […]


Keyword Research Brings Local Business Traffic

Local Search Traffic

There’s way more to reaching local customers than getting your business listed on sites like Yelp. Keyword research + local focus = successfully drawing in that local search traffic that small businesses all want so much. The first step to increasing the online visibility of your business among prospective customers is to speak their language. […]


Are You Creating a Business or a Hobby?

Business or Hobby?

Great topic brought up today on this freelancing blog. Do your attitudes and actions say you’re building a business – or that you’re playing at it? (Treating it like a hobby.) Working at home is a cross section of casual ‘working in my pajamas’ and professional ‘I have to be better than the next guy’. […]


Build A Business That Serves Others

Reasons to Succeed

One of my more personal posts on Solo Smarts, I’m sharing how my community has often risen up to meet the needs of others and how being my own boss gives me freedom to do what’s most important to me. (Hence the cute babies pic – they’re my great nieces and nephews.) Why do you […]


Alice Seba is on the Online Success Cast

Alice Seba Interview

I’m a podcast lover and of course I’m thrilled that some of my smart online marketing friends are podcasting regularly again. Like Nicole Dean with her Online Success Cast. She recently published a new episode featuring my very first online business partner. Her guest is: Alice Seba is the owner and creator of Contentrix. With […]


Want More Social Shares For Your Content?

Getting Social Love

Love finding someone else saying what I say to my clients: After you publish your post you need to share on all of your networks yourself to kick start the promotion of that piece. So each share button on your site should have at least a 1 right off the bat. I see so many […]


Sparkplugging is Firing Up Again

Sparkplugging is back in action.

I’m thrilled to spread the word that I’ve just taken over Sparkplugging.com, a network of blogs that serve the work at home community. Left untended over the last few years, Sparkplugging has held onto a surprising amount of traffic and great search engine ranking for several terms I’m thrilled to be able to leverage. Getting […]