Content Curator Jennifer G. Hanford

Jennifer G. Hanford is the owner and managing director of j+ Media Solutions, which offers social and content solutions for businesses of all sizes. She is a well known and avid content curator and author as well.

About Jennifer G. Hanford

Jennifer G. Hanford is the owner and managing director of j+ Media Solutions, which offers social and content solutions for businesses of all sizes. She also contributes articles for SteamFeed and Social Media Club.

Marketers: You’re Going to Want to Learn More About Instagram


It’s a trap to think that Instagram is an amazing marketing channel, simply because there are a lot of people on it taking photos and sharing photos.   There are many more dynamic factors at play, and Instagram is so much more than just another photo-sharing app.   Instagram is building an economy. It is […]


Community Managers: You Really Can Survive the Holiday Season!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year — amirite? The holidays are a great time to unplug, relax, and toss back some eggnog with friends and family. However, community managers don’t always have it this easy. Any community manager knows that the job is not a simple 9-5 and “vacations” are a thing of […]


Holiday Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


The holiday season is upon us. Many companies have already spent a ton of time and money on their holiday marketing campaigns. Even though Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday have passed us by, you may still be thinking of having one last marketing push before the end of the year. For your […]


21 Places to Find Awesome Social Media Content Your Followers Will Love


Are you struggling for time to maintain a blog but still want to provide some helpful content to keep your social media followers interested? You need to setup a schedule to share other peoples con… Source: See on – Online and SoMe Marketing Related articles 5 Social Media Tips for Social Good Companies […]


How Friends Influence Us on Social Media | Buffer


Why do you read the updates you read?Why do you browse the products you browse?There are hidden motivations behind a lot of the actions we take online, especially so with social media. The influence of friends and family has a big impact on what we click, view, share, and like.Researchers have discovered some specifics behind why friends impact […]


28 Expert Bloggers Reveal Their #1 Content Marketing Technique


Want to drive traffic to your blog? let the experts show you their tried and tested methods when it comes to content promotion and SEO. Having great content is Source: See on – Online and SoMe Marketing Related articles 10 Smart Search Engine Marketing Tactics To Get Free Google Traffic Where To Share […]


Growing Your Business With Pinterest


Pinterest usage has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years. Now, many SMB’s (small and medium-sized businesses) are finding this visual social platform is helping them grow as well. As Mike O’Brien states in this article, Pinterest can help a SMB expand in a different way than, say, Facebook or Twitter can. […]


Social Media Isn’t Easy But You Can Do It Better!


Many businesses are using social media in some capacity these days…but so few seem to be doing it well. Or good. In fact, many of them could be doing a lot better with it. What seems to be the problem? Well, according to the author of this article, Kali Hawlk, we are giving up too […]


Maximizing Social Media for Your Business


There are so many good reasons for businesses to be using social media. For one thing, many of your clients are probably using at least one of the major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) by now. Social media offers an easy way for you to introduce your business and brand without being too sales-y. The […]


Writer’s Block Woes? Check Out These 5 Sites!


Sooner or later, it happens to every blogger…the dreaded condition known as “writer’s block.” The good news? There are plenty of ways to overcome it. I know it’s true because I have been there, too. Of course, there is not one perfect solution for getting over that hump. Each writer finds what works best for […]


Post Short Tweets and Other Ways To Engage on Twitter


Twitter is a great platform for businesses to build awareness of their brand. One of the best ways to do so is by attracting followers who may be interested in learning more about your organization. However, many people think Twitter is a one-sided platform, especially by businesses. That’s because a lot of businesses tend to […]


What B2B Marketers Should Know About Net Neutrality


The more people learn about net neutrality, and how it may be in jeopardy, the better. Most of us take for granted how we can access pretty much anything at anytime on the Internet. We also take for granted how quickly we can access information. So, what exactly is net neutrality? PC Magazine defines it […]


Social Media Monitoring Tools You’ll Want to Use


Do you work in social media? If so, then you probably get excited when you discover new tools that are designed to help you do your job better and/or faster. New tools seem to come out every day, so it’s hard to keep up with them all. Luckily, people like Adi Domocos, put together awesome […]


How Online Videos Help Boost Lead Conversion

Online Videos Monetization

Are you including online videos in your marketing mix? If not, you’re missing out on a very unique marketing opportunity and an effective way to drive more traffic to your website. Online videos are also proving to be powerful as a lead conversion tool. The author of this article, Sharon Hurley Hall, lists 6 ways […]


Stars Are Being Created Every Day Through Social Media Sites

This article is an amazing testament to the power of social media. Did you know that people are becoming “famous” on the Internet? Yes, it’s true – and it’s happening every day. Some of these newly “Internet famous” are making thousands upon thousands of dollars in some cases. Why? Because brands are picking them up […]


Companies on Social Media Need to be Social

3 Reasons Why You Need to Integrate Social Media into Your Business

Is your company using social media as part of its marketing mix? Many businesses are embracing social media, and have found it’s a great way to help spread their brand’s name and messages. One important thing that many companies are forgetting about with social media though? Companies need to remember the social part of social […]