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Jennifer G. Hanford is the owner and managing director of j+ Media Solutions, which offers social and content solutions for businesses of all sizes. She is a well known and avid content curator and author as well.

About Jennifer G. Hanford

Jennifer G. Hanford is the owner and managing director of j+ Media Solutions, which offers social and content solutions for businesses of all sizes. She also contributes articles for SteamFeed and Social Media Club.

Companies on Social Media Need to be Social

3 Reasons Why You Need to Integrate Social Media into Your Business

Is your company using social media as part of its marketing mix? Many businesses are embracing social media, and have found it’s a great way to help spread their brand’s name and messages. One important thing that many companies are forgetting about with social media though? Companies need to remember the social part of social […]


Network on Social Media and See More Blog Shares


Are you blogging, but failing to see very many shares? It’s actually quite common, especially for new bloggers. What to do? As the author of this article explains, connecting and networking on social media platforms really pays off! So first, you may be wondering what social networks are. The author defines them as such: Social Networks […]


Enhance Your Social Media Presence Without Wasting Your Time

Social Media Time

We all have the same number of hours in a day…how we spend those hours varies. If you work in the social media world, you find yourself facing two choices: (1) You can either spend every minute of every day online or (2) You can use your time wisely and work smarter. The author of […]


Pinterest is Popping for Mobile


Pinterest isn’t the newest kid on the social media block anymore – but it’s still one of the fastest growing platforms. Once considered to be a “girly” platform, where its users collected images for weddings or recipes for dinner,  Pinterest has evolved into a powerful marketing tool. Pinterest recently made a move that has helped […]


Ways to Wow Your New Followers


Maybe you’re just starting out as a new community manager. Or perhaps you’ve been involved in content marketing or blogging for a while now. Then, one day, you decide to write a blog post about something that’s been on your mind. Or you design a special graphic for one of your clients. Maybe it was […]


What? I’m Failing At Social Media?

Sooner or later, it happens to all of us…we fail. I saw a quote on a bulletin board recently that made me chuckle…but it also hit home for me: ”Making mistakes is proof that you’re trying.” How very, very true. The same goes for making mistakes on social media. Some people dip their toes into the […]


How To Build Your Digital Audience [#Infographic]

Internet marketing

ExactTarget, which is a company, surveyed hundreds of digital marketers as part of their “SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS” research series. Through this research, they pinpointed the behaviors and tactics which successful marketers use within their digital marketing mixes. The results, as shown in their infographic below, can provide you with the information you need […]


The Relationship Between Social Media and SEO

MediaPost Publications Content Marketing Secrets To Boost Social SEO 04/08/2013

There’s no doubt about it…social media and SEO fit together like a hand in a glove. You and your brand can tap into either social media or SEO for content creation and distribution. Of course, each has enough power to benefit your brand’s online presence. When their powers are combined. however, the opportunities for your brands […]


LinkedIn Marketing: Are You Sophisticated Enough? [Infographic]

How To Make LinkedIn Help Your Lead Generation Efforts

Savvy business owners already know they need to have a presence on LinkedIn. LinkedIn appeals to professionals since it’s a platform where people are more business-oriented. This makes the platform a great place for people to network and recruit top talent for their companies. LinkedIn has increasingly become a haven for sophisticated marketers. Enhancements, such […]


Ten Tools For Twitter You Should Know More About


If you use Twitter  as a social media community manager or in a similar capacity, you already know there are dozens of tools out there claiming to make tweeting a better and more efficient experience. Only a few apps actually live up to their claims though. Believe it or not, most of the best tools […]


What Is Your Social Media Strategy for 2014?

January has come and gone, meaning 2014 is already moving along very quickly. If you want to grow your business’ social media presence this year, you still have plenty of time – but don’t wait too long. This article shares social media strategies to help you grow this year and beyond. These are a few […]


Make Sure Your Website Has At Least These 3 Things in 2014

Website Under Construction

Even though social media seems to reign supreme these days, your business website is still the most important place for your online marketing. This article does a great job of summing up the top 3 things your website must have to be successful this year…and beyond. “There are certain things your website must be: mobile […]


Groups On LinkedIn For Savvy Marketers


Have you discovered LinkedIn groups yet? If not, you should check into them. I read and retweeted a stat on Twitter recently which stated there are over 2.1 million groups on LinkedIn. Wow! Without a doubt, you should have no trouble finding at least one group which interests you. LinkedIn groups provide opportunities for marketers […]


Be More Productive On Social Media With 10 Easy Tips

social networking glossary

With so many organizations using social media within their marketing mix, it may feel impossible to get noticed. This isn’t necessarily the case though and there are many things a business can do to stand out. This article shares ten great tips for being more productive when using social media as a business. The first […]


Improving SERPs With Local Keywords

Local Search Traffic

Even though you can have the world at your fingertips, many people still prefer to do business with people in their own backyards. When you have a business online, it has become increasingly important to rank organically for those people who want to do business locally. This article lists five ways your business can increase […]


Content Curation & Syndication


See on – Online and SoMe Marketing Content Curation and Syndication is one of the Best Way to Build your Social Authority and Showcase Domain Expertise. There are dozens of content marketing tool See on