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Debra Simpson is a website and social media consultant who specializes in publishing content online. With her knowledge of the digital world and passion for publishing, she designs easy-to-use solutions to assist clients in advancing their online presence.

Tips for Going Viral with Your Product


In this post by Nadia Goodman, of Entrepreneur, The Secrets of What Makes a Product Go Viral, you’ll discover how Purell put their hand sanitizer everywhere. We might think it’s luck that makes a product go viral. It’s not, according to the post, it’s science. According to Berger’s research, specific circumstances and attributes empower consumers […]

RIP Google Reader, Digg To The Rescue


I’m a Google Gal and I have a t-shirt to prove it. I love my Google Reader and am pretty upset about its impending demise. I don’t know how I can go on without my Reader. Thank goodness, Digg, is coming to my rescue. Google Reader is a blog aggregation tool, meaning I can subscribe […]

Working with Influencers


I’ve shared a lot of information on becoming a brand influencer and how you can work with Klout, PeerIndex, Kred and Brandify to monitor your influence across the internet. Why would you want to measure your online influence? Because brands are looking to reach your tribe, and you can cash in on that.  Sometimes that’s […]

Working with Influencers


Influencers, who are they? You can find influencers at Klout, Kred, Brandify and PeerIndex. They are highly active in social media. You’ll find them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. They are brand evangelists, helping move a particular brand’s message forward. These are people who can help your business by spreading the word about you and […]

How Google’s PageRank Algorithm Screwed the Online Writer and What They Did to Fix It | Copyblogger


In many ways, this century has mostly been a dark time for online writers.Huh? You mean the Internet — the most significant publishing revolution since Gutenberg — hasn’t been good for writers?!Yes. And no.Here’s the thing, good content writers got squeezed out during the early days of Google’s PageRank algorithm. As I’ll explain later, the […]

Measuring the Performance of Your Facebook Page


In this post you’ll learn how to measure your effort on Facebook. You’ll also be introduced to Klout, Kred, PeerIndex, and I’ll throw in a fourth, Brandify. You have invested the time, effort and money into making a Facebook page for your business. Is your business reaping the rewards from this? I love Facebook and […]

31 Ninja Tricks for Making Evernote More Awesome


Additional information to the post, Manage Your Small Business With Evernote – What’s Not To Love. This post via 31 Ninja Tricks for Making Evernote More Awesome, shares some cool ninja tricks for Evernote. Part of what makes Evernote so mind-bendingly awesome is its versatility. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, a nuclear physicist, […]

Manage Your Small Business With Evernote – What’s Not To Love?


I love Evernote. I have it installed on my Google Nexus tablet. I love the convenience of being able to sync to my desktop and share with fellow team members. Here are a few cool apps to help you create a very robust Evernote tool. via Manage Your Small Business With Evernote – What’s Not […]

15+ Best WordPress Backup Plugins |

Debra Simpson programs in WordPress

When I started building WordPress websites in 2007, no one in the business community knew what WordPress was, let alone blogging. We’ve come a long way baby! Now many business sites are built with WordPress. What’s made that so easy is the “one button installation” offered by many of the major hosting sites. Installing WordPress […]

A Sneak Peek at Our Shiny New Site BlogTalkRadio blog


BlogTalkRadio will have a fresh new look this year, and we’re giving you a sneak peek at what we’re working on. In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing a sleek new design and tons of awesome features for our listeners and hosts, making your experience even easier and more enjoyable than ever. via A Sneak […]

WordPress Security


See on Scoop.it – Blogging with WordPress A full guide on how to protect and improve your website and wordpress blog and installation, inlcuding useful resources, plugins, videos, tools and more Debra Simpson‘s insight: Incredibly informative post on how to keep your WordPress site secure. It’s well worth the time it takes to read the […]

Content Marketing Best Practices | Google+ Success


To some of us, Google+ still seems like the social media underdog, but the fact is it’s ever on the rise — and backed by the world’s most popular and influential search engine. In truth, Google+ offers tremendous potential for content marketing. What best practices and practical steps can help you use Google+ to your […]

What Your Klout Score Really Means

I’ve been talking about Klout for several months now. It started when I was sent “ROI, Return on Influence” by Mark Schaeffer to review. I’ve been monitoring my Klout ever since.   In this post by Wired Magazine, you’ll discover some reasons you may want ot start monitoring your Klout score. It’s not just for […]

Put Your Social Media on Auto Pilot – Patrick Conley

This is a very unique tool to help you automate some of your social media shares. You’ll have to weigh the time savings with automation versus the visibility of your share depending on the site your working with.   For instance, Facebook would really like you to share directly from their site and not use […]

Need To Edit Images? Check Out These Tools

If you need to edit images, but don’t have PhotoShop. Here are several online image editing platforms for you to check out. See on www.catswhocode.com

Is LinkedIn Today The Perfect Morning Newspaper?

See on Scoop.it – Debra’s Social Media Resources According to Forbes, LinkedIn’s Today is the best morning newspaper around. It’s a fascinating look at content curation at it’s best.   You can customize your LinkedIn Today with topics you’d like to see. It’s a great aggregator, making it easy to see the trending topics of […]