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The Perfect Music Library To Make Your Life Musical

Sep 28 2016 | By: Bhavik Sarkhedi| 0 | Share

According to a survey published on Twin Prime, people on average, spend around three hours on their cell phones every day. The number of digital users has also gone up significantly. A lot of new songs across various genres are being released everyday. Here is why Wynk is the best place to listen to

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Everything to Know About World’s Thinnest Laptop, HP Spectre 13

Sep 24 2016 | By: Bhavik Sarkhedi| 0 | Share

The World’s Thinnest Laptop – The HP Spectre 13 In June 2016, HP launched the Spectre 13 in India. What is so special about this laptop? Well, with a thickness of just 10.4 mm, it is now officially world’s thinnest laptop. Yes, no laptop on the planet is thinner than the HP Spectre 13 laptop. This

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Good News in the Latest Refrigerator Technology

Sep 10 2016 | By: Bhavik Sarkhedi| 5 | Share

More Than Just Cooling Image Source: More than just cooling, latest refrigerators have come a long way from their humble origins. While all refrigerators have shelves and at least two separate

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3 Issues Faced By Property Owners: Knowing Your Rights

Sep 10 2016 | By: Bhavik Sarkhedi| 8 | Share

Owning a property brings in revenues but also its own set of challenges. Read on to know what they are. Buying property in India is a major milestone in the life of most people, since it is a valuable asset for the future. Property is a prized addition to one’s asset portfolio, but there are some challenges

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Things to Teach Your Kids Before They Turn 6

Sep 2 2016 | By: Bhavik Sarkhedi| 8 | Share

In an article in The Time of India, published in July 2016, a child’s brain develops at an exceptional pace in the first 6 years his/her life. More than 80% of the brain development of a child occurs during the first six years of life. The things learned during this time can build a foundation

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