Apr 12, 2017

A Guide to Wedding Photography Styles

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It is argued that photography is the most important detail of your wedding day because it is the only tangible memory you will have once the big celebration is over. That is why it is so important when booking a wedding photographer that you find someone that you not only connect with personally but that also shoots in a way that fits your style. Every photographer has their own unique photography style, so here’s a few different styles that Toronto photography studio, Mango Studios uses that will perfectly capture your wedding day and tell your story.


If you think of any documentary, it tells a story about something or someone. A photographer that as a documentary style of photography could be perfect for your wedding as they will make sure to capture not only all the key moments, but also extra details that help tell the story of your entire day. This means you will not only receive photos such as your first kiss at the altar, or the father/daughter dance, but of details you might not even think to have photographed like a wide shot of your venue, or of you and your partner walking to the limo as you head to the next venue. All of these extra details add to the story of your day and are special reminders for you to look back on later.

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Candid photography is wonderful for weddings. Your photographer will take a step back from all the action and act like a fly on the wall. They will be able to capture everything from the quiet moments with your family in the morning to all the emotions throughout the evening. Think of moments like the bride putting her dress on and letting her father see her for the first time, or the grandmother hugging the bride and groom after the ceremony in celebration, or listening to the best man give his speech during the reception and filling the room with laughter.  This style of photography is great for those who aren’t so much interested in posed photography, but would rather look back at their photos years later and feel all the emotions of the day as if it were yesterday.

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Some couples may be in inspired by fashion and editorial photography, which means some of your photographs will be a little more staged and give them a bit of an edge. Your photographer would have no trouble taking charge in placing people in group shots during your family or bridal party photography coverage. They will also be able to direct you during your photography session to create stunning shots with interesting compositions and lighting to create some drama in your photos if that’s your style.


It’s so important to think of your wedding day as a whole and to think about what kind of story you want to tell through your wedding photography. Connecting with a talented photographer that shoots in a style that you love is worth it so that you can look back at your photos years later and remember all those happy memories.


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I am a great writer, blogger, business owner.

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