Apr 12, 2017

5 Reasons Why SEO Services For Small Business Are Worth It

Written by : Robert Walsh| 2 | Marketing

Affordable is what you purchase when you want to survive. Quality is what you purchase when you want to thrive. You need to hire a qualified professional to get results.

I am continually shocked by how many small business owners are in denial about what digital marketing means to their business. It’s like a letter from the IRS that they are not opening because they know it’s bad news, so they put it off. It’s not going away, in fact, the longer they wait, the worse things become.

Here are five reasons to do SEO now and how it will be worth it if you do it right.

1.Brand Awareness


The #1 thing everyone should get from this article is that brand awareness matters. There are major corporations spending billions upon billions so that people know who they are. They are marketing to everyone in the world. If it did not work, they would not be doing it.

Since most of us don’t have a few million dollars laying around for Super-Bowl ads. We need to focus on who wants to find our businesses. One of the cheapest and most effective ways to do that is Facebook. Keep reading to find out how this applies to SEO services.

2. Google Top Ten Gives Status

When people do a search on a term, they don’t look past the top ten because they figure no one else matters. They don’t want to do business with those “bottom feeders.” I remember the first time I realized that “perception is reality” and what I think people should think about me and what they do think can be very different solely on perception alone, mine or theirs.

I can also remember when the Google top ten was full of crap directories and keyword spammed trash sites. Sometimes I had to dig for something good that is no longer the case. Google has gotten pretty good at serving up good results in the top ten, and people now take it for granted that the best are in that top ten.

3. It Is Only Going To Get Harder

More and more businesses are getting quality SEO plans and getting results.That means the opportunities are getting fewer and fewer. In “Google-land” site maturity matters. If a website is established and reputable, they get “points” for that.

Need a lean starting point? Focus on getting the business name to number one on Google and for the resulting link to be the primary domain. Why is this so important you ask? When people hear about the business say on Facebook, they will Google search it. Why are they searching it? Answer: See reason number two.

4. At First Focus On Local Results

Local search has a lot of opportunities and can be taken advantage of on a small budget. With a quality website, a simple social media presence, and good business name results on Google. Traffic can be sent to a business for pennies on the dollar. This is also the launching platform to do more creative marketing on Facebook. Without this solid foundation, it is hard to get anyone to take you seriously.

Having a quality website and the business name in Google’s local business listing offers a solid start no matter your budget.

5. It’s Not Getting Any Cheaper

Just like the IRS letter, action must be taken to resolve the issue and begin working toward a solution. Procrastinate, and that cost will continue to rise. SEO services are not going to get any cheaper. If anything, SEO gets more complex requiring more skill to get results. Here is what I recommend you do if you are on a tight budget.

Lay a firm foundation on the basics. A quality website with a clear SEO plan for the core pages is vital. If you do this right, you will not regret it. Spending the money for a professional to do this is going to pay off at the very least in brand awareness. If you have talked to the SEO professionals you consider out of your price range. Be honest and tell them you can’t afford what they have offered. Then ask them what they can do to help you get started?


Robert Walsh

I am a great writer, blogger, business owner.

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Robert Walsh

I am a great writer, blogger, business owner.

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