Mar 27, 2017

Reasons to Visit Wisconsin Dells Waterpark Hotels

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If you are considering what to do for your next vacation you may have already considered the Wisconsin Dells waterpark hotels.  If not, you will find it is a worthwhile option!

Wisconsin Dells

It is important to understand where this popular tourist destination is and why so many people are attracted to it every year.  The city of Wisconsin as an approximate population of 2,700 people; it sits in the southern central part of Wisconsin and actually straddles four different counties; Sauk, Columbia, Adams and Juneau.  The river Wisconsin flows past the city and its neighbor, the village of Lake Delton.  It is this area which is referred to as the Wisconsin Dells.

The area is stunningly beautiful; it has been a popular tourist spot for over one hundred and fifty years.  Original tours of the Dells were conducted in wooden rowboats.  Today, you will find it possible to admire this stunningly beautiful area from the comfort of a modern motorboat.  The Dells have now been split into the upper and the lower Dells.  This is because at the start of the twentieth century a dam was installed to generate electricity.  It is seen as a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Wisconsin Dells Waterpark Hotels

Although the original sightseers wanted to appreciate the beauty of the river and surrounding countryside, more modern visitors are looking for a thrill to accompany their trip.  This has led to the large scale development of waterparks and, in particular, the Wisconsin Dells waterpark hotels.  Each of these hotels has its own waterpark.  They vary in size but all offer the opportunity to escape the mundane and simply unwind.  In fact, the Wisconsin Dells has become the dominant force in waterparks.  The area is home to the largest, fastest and even the wettest water rides that you will find anywhere in the world.  There are more waterparks in the Wisconsin dells per capita than any other area in the world!

Why Choose Wisconsin Dells Waterpark Hotels

The right accommodation for you and your family will depend upon what you intent to do whilst visiting this beautiful part of the country.  Although the watersides gain much of the publicity there are many other attractions.  The stunning beauty and guided trips are some of the more obvious alternatives.  However, you can also indulge in a show; on the water or in the theatre.  There are an abundance of delightful eating establishments and you can even try kayaking or other water experiences on the river.

Choosing to stay in one of the Wisconsin Dells waterpark hotels will allow you and your family full access to all the amenities; including the waterpark at the hotel.  The waterpark in the hotel may even be the main reason to choose a specific hotel.  Whilst these pools and slides cannot match the impressive, adrenalin fueled rush of the big waterparks; they should keep your children happy and allow you to undertake some of the other activities available.  Of course, a visit to at least one of the impressive waterparks is essential if you are visiting this area; but you don’t need to be in them every day!


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I am a great writer, blogger, business owner.

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