Mar 9, 2017

Which Style of Leather Motorcycle Vest Suits You Best?

Written by : Robert Walsh| 1 | Automotive

Leather motorcycle vests have been synonymous with the biking fraternity for many years.  Originally it provided a good level of protection from the rain and skin damage in the event of an accident.  However, unlike the leather jacket which provides full protection, it retains the look of a hardened biker.  It is often associated with the Harley style bikes although the right type can be worn on any bike.

But leather motorcycles vests are more than just something you wear when you ride.  It is something you can wear even when you are off the bike.  Not only will it tell everyone you are a biker, it can be used to show your style and approach to life.

For instance, the classic motorcycle vest, with your club inscription suggests a biker who is part of a club.  This may be a Sunday ride out club or it could be a hardened biker gang.  Others who see it will usually assume the gang conclusion and will treat you with respect; in many cases they will also admire your freedom.

Alternatively you could select wrap round leather motorcycle vests.  These can look much more modern; like they would stop a bullet.  The reaction to this would be different as people may assume you are some type of law enforcement officer.

The truth is, both styles offer a good level of protection; will have concealed pockets for carrying guns and can be worn in most situations.  Whilst leather motorcycle vests are generally paired with jeans, it is possible to wear the classic style or even a gunslinger style vest with smarter trousers; this will allow you to attend almost any venue without relinquishing your status as a biker.  In fact, many bikers choose to own several leather motorcycle vests to ensure they have one for every occasion; they are generally proud of being a biker!  Of course, the wrap around style can only be worn in certain circumstances as it suggests speed and the long arm of the law.

It is also worth considering the fashion collection of leather motorcycle vests.  The hooded leather vest adds a contemporary touch and suggests a dubious character; which may be just the image you want.  The hood can also help to protect you from the elements.  Fashion leather motorcycle vests are available in high neck options, flared out fashion and even a tailored; tighter fit style for women.  In fact, women can access an even greater range of leather motorcycle vests; they can also find a selection of colors where men’s vests tend to stay in the range of black or brown.   There are vintage styles and decorated styles; roses are a particularly common adornment.  Or simply go old school and find the leather motorcycle vests with studded collars.

The more you look into these fashionable accessories the more you will realize that you do not even need to own a bike to own a vest and look the part.  The question is which style suits you best and reflects your outlook on life?


Robert Walsh

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Robert Walsh

I am a great writer, blogger, business owner.

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