Feb 16, 2017

Future Software Trends for Equipment Rental Companies

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When it comes to today’s world, things are changing at a pace than we ever thought possible. This is the truest when it comes to software trends and digital trends, in general. Digital is the name of the game and companies that don’t utilize the latest software to make their processes more efficient are going to be the losers in the 21st century.

This is no different with the equipment rental industry. Rental companies need to face up with the future software trends in order to be prepared for what’s coming in the next decades. The ways that customers are renting out equipment are changing faster than anyone expected and when you’re in the Heavy Equipment Rental business, like Rent1USA, it’s crucial that you’re aware of these trends.

Read on to learn more about these trends and what they mean for your rental company.

1. Better Information

An important aspect of renting out equipment in the 21st century is to have the best information possible in the most organized way possible. It’s becoming harder and harder to justify having separate software systems for rentals, service, and financial processes. The instant that you separate all of these processes, you’ll find yourself in a situation where your company doesn’t have access to real-time data. And this is a death-blow to any rental company that’s trying to keep up with the digital tides.

You need to ensure that your company has an integrated system that provides real-time and accurate data to everyone in the company – whenever they wish to access the data. When you have better information, you will be able to decide when you will need to buy new equipment, who your customers are, and what your profits are looking like.

2. Mobile Technology

The world is turning towards mobile as the main way that customers are finding information about products and services that they want to buy. This is mainly because of the rise of smartphones and tablets in the consumer market. And this is going to have major implications in the rental business in the coming years (it already is too!).

For example, mobile customer portals allow your potential customers to check out which equipment are ready for rental, the price lists, their invoice history, and rental reservations. This is a fantastic tool that many rental customers are now wanting from any rental company they deal with. It’s just a lot easier for them to get the information they need without even picking up the phone to speak with one of your representatives.

In addition, rental companies will be able to utilize mobile technology throughout their employee base. Wherever an employee is in your rental facility, they can have the software tools on their smartphone in order to get their jobs done. This will have major implications on the efficiency and productivity of your workforce.

3. The Cloud

By now, everyone that’s reading this article has heard of the cloud. If you haven’t, it’s basically a way for companies and individuals to upload data onto storage computers by paying a monthly or annual fee for upkeep. For example, Apple has iCloud storage available on all MacBook’s, allowing individuals and businesses to upload all of their data onto secure servers.

The usage of cloud computing storage is going to only increase in importance throughout the coming years. This is especially true in the equipment rental industry, where there’s so much data floating around. It’s a good idea for any rental company to invest in cloud storage to keep this information locked up, safe, and easily accessible.

When it comes to software trends in the rental industry, they are going to have major implications on how rental companies do business in the coming years. Be sure to keep these in mind and remember them when your company is developing digital strategy for the coming period.



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I'm a reader, researcher & writer. I am fascinated by "art" and "technology". I spend most of my time on internet reading news and writing articles and has been my home since last 3 years.

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