Feb 15, 2017

Where to Find Tasty Seafood in Algarve?

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The major aim of many tourists who come to Algarve is to enjoy excellent seafood. And this is not without a reason! Thanks to the extensive coastline, local restaurants offer amazing dishes of fish, crabs, lobsters, shrimps, clams, and oysters cooked in different ways. However, not every Algarve’s culinary establishment can boast of fresh and at the same time cheap seafood. So, check out the following TOP list in order to get to know where to find tasty seafood in the restaurants of Algarve…

Fat Cats Bar

Fat Cats Bar is a perfect place for the whole family. The food is mostly British there – French fries, fried beans, a variety of sandwiches and of course an incredible fish in batter. Also, there are different entertainments: children can play in the restaurant’s pool while their parents can relax watching TV on the huge terrace or playing billiards inside of the bar. Those who cannot live without Internet – there’s a free Wi-Fi.

Average bill: $20-50/person

Address: R. de Dunfermline 9, 8200-161 Albufeira

Coordinates: 37.092382, -8.233129

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 9am-12am


Os Arcos

Os Arcos is situated in the center of Albufeira. This family-run restaurant is placed away from the noisy streets of the city, but nevertheless, it’s almost always full of locals and tourists.

Colorful and bright facade of the restaurant immediately attracts attention and disposes to the friendly atmosphere. The interior of Os Arcos features brick walls and rustic décor designed in brown shades.

The staff is very friendly, but due to a great number of visitors, be ready that it might take some time for your order to be served. However, it will be totally worth it. It’s recommended to choose fish or lobster for the main course – they are just incredible in Os Arcos!

Average bill: $40-65/person

Address: R. Alves Correia 25, 8200-001 Albufeira

Coordinates: 37.089016, -8.251590

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 6.30pm-11pm

Restaurante dos Artistas

Restaurante dos Artistas has a stylish interior with comfortable armchairs and colorful walls. It serves the best seafood dishes of Portuguese cuisine and will be a perfect destination for a romantic dinner in a relaxed atmosphere. Restaurante dos Artistas features a comfortable outdoor terrace, so, you can enjoy a summer evening in the open air.

Usually, it’s not noisy in the restaurant. When going to Restaurante dos Artistas, you can be sure that the dishes will be incredibly tasty, and the service fast and impeccable.

Average bill: $35-70/person

Address: R. Cândido dos Reis 68

Coordinates: 37.100858, -8.673268

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 11am-2pm, 6pm-12am


Restaurante Dom Carlos

Restaurante Dom Carlos is a very nice place where you can taste dishes of local Portuguese cuisine. There are two menus that are changed daily. Each menu offers 2 sets consisting of an appetizer, soup, meat dish, fish dish and dessert. All dishes are cooked by using only the freshest ingredients. The cost of a set is 50 €.

Restaurant’s capacity is 30 persons, so it’s an ideal place for a romantic dinner or family event. It’s best to book a table in advance. Dom Carlos always provides quality service. The only disadvantage of this place is the lack of open terrace.

Average bill: $50-65/person

Address: R. Alves Correia 100, 8200-099 Albufeira

Coordinates: 37.088229, -8.248801

Opening hours: Wednesday-Sunday 7pm-12am


Castelo do Mar

Castelo do Mar is situated on a picturesque hill overlooking Albufeira’s harbor. The restaurant’s interior is decorated with Portuguese national patterns, and comfortable sofas on the terrace allow you to enjoy the sunset.

In the menu you can find both seafood dishes that are so famous in local restaurants, as well as meat dishes, including the Iberian boar ragout. By the way, a bottle of Castelo do Mar’s homemade wine will perfectly complement the amazing taste of the food.

Average bill: $20-50/person

Address: R. da Orada, 8200-371 Albufeira

Coordinates: 37.083268, -8.261904

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 6pm-12am


Oasis Café

Oasis Cafe offers you to enjoy your meal and magnificent views of the sea at any time of the day. The owners of the cafe are from Great Britain, so they serve true British food: English breakfast, fish and chips, toasts and desserts – everything is of excellent quality.

Also, it’s possible to order takeaway food, which is very convenient, if you are going to spend the whole day on the beach. Baguettes and salads will be conveniently packed to enjoy them where you want.

However, it’s recommended to reserve a table right in the Oasis Café in order to get fascinating panoramic views. There is nothing better than enjoying a refreshing cocktail while watching the fishermen come back to the harbor.

Average bill: $25-40/person

Address: Marina de Lagos, Loja 15 e 16, 8600-780 Lagos

Coordinates: 37.109498, -8.673544

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-11pm


Summing it up, Algarve’s restaurants offer a wide variety of seafood dishes. So, you should only choose your favorite one to enjoy tasty seafood during your Portuguese weekend. By the way, in case you want to reach the desired establishment quickly, rent a car at Faro Airport, and set the corresponding GPS coordinates in the navigator.

Lily Berns

Lily Berns is a passionate travel writer. She travels all around the world and writes her reviews and comments about the different destinations and cities.

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Lily Berns

Lily Berns is a passionate travel writer. She travels all around the world and writes her reviews and comments about the different destinations and cities.

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