Jan 31, 2017

Celebrate Earth Day With Eco-Minded Promotional Gifts

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Earth Day events first took place in history back in 1970 when a senator, a Harvard student and an eco-activist all came together in hopes of creating higher awareness for environmental concerns. It began as a day set aside in the United States that was meant focus on the earth and educate its inhabitants on the dangers of ignoring important ecological concerns and the risks of continuing detrimental industrial practices. In 1971, however, Earth Day was mentioned at a ceremony at the United Nations, sparking a movement throughout the international community. Numerous changes have resulted from the annual celebration and much attention has been brought to a variety of issues throughout the decades. Early changes included support for the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency, and the passing of the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act. Each year on April 22nd over 190 countries now observe and take part in Earth Day activities.


Companies have also gotten involved in the event. Those that have taken a more ecologically friendly approach to their businesses have more to gain than helping the earth thrive: Consumers are increasingly willing to spend more to purchase from a brand that promotes environmental practices than competitors who do not. Here are a few ways you can help promote your company while also establishing yourself as a “green” brand.




Who doesn’t carry around a water bottle nowadays? From preschoolers to athletes to high level executives, folks are keeping their own personal hydration stations within arm’s reach. Use this opportunity to provide both clients and employees with quality water bottles decorated with your company name and logo that can be reused for an extended period of time. This promotional item is used day in and day out, giving your brand constant exposure while upping its green factor.


Cup O’ Joe


On-the-go coffee containers are a great way to reduce disposable cups and become a part of a person’s everyday routine. Opt for travel mugs that can fit into the cup holder of a console to encourage all day use. Make it stand out by accenting the mug with your company colors in addition to the logo.


Reusable Totes


After decades of warm reception, the plastic grocery bag has begun getting the cold shoulder. With its detrimental effects to marine life and the fact it is rapidly filling landfills and stays intact for hundreds of years, the plastic t-shirt bag most commonly handed out in grocery stores shouts danger to eco-minded shoppers. Provide an alternative option by gifting a canvas or cotton reusable tote, which allows your brand to imprint upon the user as well as everyone with whom he or she comes into contact. Consumers tend to keep promotional items for well over a year, so choose a quality bag that can withstand continual use over a long period of time.


Lunch Time


Sandwich baggies may be smaller than grocery bags, but they do not do the earth any favors when used every day in the brown bag (another no-no) lunch. Hand out reusable sandwich containers with your company name scripted right across the top, easily seen while packing in the morning and again when unpacking at lunchtime. Take lunch time up a notch by offering an insulated cooler bag accented with your brand’s colors and displaying your brand’s name. Choose one with a side pocket so the eco-friendly branded water bottle can be easily carried, as well.


With a little planning, you can up your company’s visibility while celebrating its green essence. Provide eco-friendly promotional items to consumers, potential clients and employees to celebrate Earth Day and establish your brand as part of the environmental movement.


Willy Jack

Willy jack is a professional marketing,
Previously, Willy Jack worked as a marketing manager for a tech.

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Willy Jack

Willy jack is a professional marketing, Previously, Willy Jack worked as a marketing manager for a tech.

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