Oct 21, 2016

Visiting Niagara Falls in the Winter: What to Expect

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Known as the “honeymoon capital of the world”, Niagara Falls, Canada attracts visitors from all over the world. While most people think of it as a beautiful destination in spring and summer, it should not be counted out in the winter months. In fact, visiting in the winter carries all kinds of benefits. Let’s take a closer look.

Enjoy the Money Savings

As you look into the pricing on various Niagara Falls hotels in the winter the first thing you’ll notice is how much cheaper they are during the colder months. It’s a great way to book a stay without spending a fortune on your hotel.

There is also the fact that finding a room is easier since the winter is considered off-season. During the summer months unless you book well in advance, finding hotel accommodations can be difficult at best. The winter months allow you to book into your top choice hotel in the best location for your plans.

And it’s not just the hotels that are cheaper, many of the attractions offer “off-season” pricing, deals, and promotions that you can take advantage of.

No Need to Fight the Crowds

Another big bonus to visiting in the winter months is the noticeable difference in the crowds. During the summer the sidewalks, restaurants, attractions, and the falls themselves are crowded with people pretty much all hours of the day and night. Grabbing a meal can take hours thanks to long waits to get a table and then be served, and you certainly won’t find yourself standing alone along the rails as you try to snap that perfect shot of the falls.

In the winter months there is little to no waits anywhere, which means you can pack a whole lot more into your vacation.

Many Attractions Are Open

Niagara Falls is loaded with family-friendly attractions, especially in the area of Clifton Hills. While some of these attractions do close for the winter, many remain open year-round. One of the most spectacular sights to enjoy in the winter is the illumination of the falls. Be sure to check in advance what time the lights come on, but typically it is around 5pm in the evening.

As well there are the Winter Festival Of Lights fireworks that happen throughout the winter. You may want to plan your stay for an evening that the fireworks take place, as they are not nightly.

The Niagara SkyWheel is another attraction that shouldn’t be missed, no matter what time of year you are visiting. This large Ferris wheel provides riders with a 360-degree view of the falls and the surrounding areas. Nighttime is especially great on the SkyWheel.

Some of the other indoor attractions that are open during the winter months include:

  • The Skylon Tower Observation Deck
  • Bird Kingdom
  • Waves Indoor Waterpark Americana Waterpark Resort & Spa
  • The Great Canadian Midway
  • The Niagara Falls History Museum
  • Niagara Helicopter Tours
  • Niagara IMAX Theatre

If you enjoy shopping there are plenty of shops, boutiques, and larger stores scattered all over the main areas of the Falls, in particular along Clifton Hills.

Check Out the Festivals

There is no shortage of festivals that take place in Niagara Falls, and winter is no exception. Again you may want to check ahead to book a stay during one of these fun winter-themed festivals and events.

The Fallsview Casino

For many visitors a big draw isn’t the falls itself, rather it is the Fallsview Casino, which is a modern and massive casino. It is located across the street from the falls, which makes it central and even within walking distance from many of the Niagara Falls hotels. The casino is of course open year-round.

The Scenery

To say we’ve saved the best for last is a huge understatement here. Most of us have seen what the falls look like in the summer months – whether on TV, in a postcard, a photo, or even in person, but the falls in the winter is something truly out-of-this-world.

Once it gets cold and the snow and ice starts to form, the falls look like something from a frozen planet. Long and spectacular icicles hang from the cliffs, shards of ice coat the river looking like sheets of ice, snow is dusted across all the foliage, and the falls turn into a freezing mist that rises into the air. The sound is deafening as it echoes off the frozen landscape, and creates a memorable experience for all.

Before you know it, winter may just become your new favorite time to visit Niagara Falls!

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13 years designer for Healthy Directions, LLC; previous positions included technical editing and designing for non-profits and the military. Current cats: 2 Siamese and one orange tabby Grew up on a Pennsylvania farm.

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