Jun 2, 2016

Driving Sales Through Creative Mobile Marketing

Your marketing team is the first line of defense in getting the word out about your brand and what you have to offer. The campaigns they create and methods they use are an integral part of the overall strategy and how your company attracts and retains the audience. Here are a few tips to help increase sales:

mobile marketing

Track engagement in real time

Using tracking software to measure how your efforts are doing and gather the information you need to make an impact is key. You should be able to measure how many people visit your site from the campaign mailers, how many people opened your correspondence, shared it and how it works across platforms to achieve the best results.

Use Content Marketing

When you are consistently on the minds of your audience, that resonates in a number of ways. Content marketing campaigns used with mobile marketing will quickly generate new leads and will supplement any social media platform engagement methods you may currently have in place. Content marketing campaigns are also useful in gaining leads and in determining who to follow-up with in sales data.

Be strategic

Use email and SMS wisely when using mobile marketing campaigns. You want to make sure every correspondence you send has relevance and can be useful to the receiver. You are attempting to build a personal relationship. Do not run the risk of alienating future customers and users by continuously sending unsolicited messages.

Mobile Social Media

Make sure your social media presence is also mobile-friendly. You should have all your platforms on every channel you use to maximize engagement, audience appeal and results. Avid social media users will continuously interact with your brand through your platforms, which can be advantageous. You must have mobile-friendly links, and use your app to make them want to find out more about your brand.

Develop an app

Every good business who has immersed their brand in technology understands the need to have an app that co-exists with the website. An app is leaner, has less content, user-friendly and can offer certain incentives that won’t be present on a desktop version. Your app should be engaging enough to keep users coming back to find out more. Offering a number of incentives for users is a good way to keep them wondering what’s next, which turns into leads, that ultimately convert into sales. Use the app wisely and you’ll always have an audience at your disposal.

These are just some of the ways you can utilize mobile marketing to enhance your brand and keep audience interaction at optimal levels. This will keep your company in the minds of your audience, will help alert them to new and engaging things, and reinforce interaction. Mobile marketing can be simple if utilized the right way; knowing how to enhance the user experience makes the difference.

Your marketing team should have a developmental mindset when implementing these methods to make sure your users are always at the forefront. It’s important to always be creative, think like a customer, and formulate the best user experience you can to build and keep a loyal audience.

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Sophorn Chhay

Sophorn specializes in inbound marketing at Inboundo, a creative agency made up of smart, creative, and passionate people.
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Sophorn Chhay

Sophorn specializes in inbound marketing at Inboundo, a creative agency made up of smart, creative, and passionate people.

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