Jan 22, 2016

7 Tips for a Clever Digital Marketing Strategy in China

Written by : Sunil Gupta| 9 | Marketing

convergence-1024x486.jpgAre you in an international company based outside of China but want to be spreading your business on China? If so, then you need to optimize your Web marketing strategy. Remember that today is Internet era. The success of a business depends on how success its web marketing is. In this article I will share some tips related to how to do a clever digital marketing strategy in China. Please check them out below:

  1. You should build a local website

By using .cn domain and China-based webhosting services you can target Chinese buyers effectively. Targeting Chinese buyers don’t mean you only translate your website’s content into Chinese language; all you need to do is more than that! Your website design needs to be adjusted to what Chinese prefer to, Chinese taste, Chinese themes, and so forth.

  1. Consider local trends and news

By knowing local trends, you really know what Chinese exactly want! You can use Baidu as it has what called a Trends tool, finding out how popular a term of online search is, and what going to be appear is. The use of local trends will avoid yourself from mistakes that can happen in the future regarding the choice of products to be sold.

  1. Use local language

How can you attract the Chinese buyer using English language? It’s impossible! You must use Chinese language, and you might be hiring some professional Chinese writers to build all the content. Use Chinese language to talk with Chinese!

  1. Understanding traffic from locally-based search engines

When planning your SEO, you should focus yourself on local search engines. Baidu is the most recommended one; you may use others, like So.com and Sogou. Baidu provides a lot of tools; make it easy to do XML sitemap submission.

  1. Do your own local keyword research

When doing SEO, you must be aware that the selection of keywords takes an important portion of the whole SEO efforts. One more time, you can use Baidu as it provides a keyword suggestion tool that helps you in finding the most suitable keywords to be tagged. First of all, register yourself to Baidu search marketing account. You can do it just in a few minutes.

  1. Get your customers using locally-based social media

Weibo is the leading social media app in China. You can use it to get your customers as much as possible. By using social media, you can build a charming relationship with your customers as well as your prospective buyers.

  1. Utilize the local mobile marketing

You must already know that mobile gadgets are very popular today and going to be more and more popular day by day!  By using adjustable local mobile marketing you can reach your customers more effective and faster. No matter where they are, you can still get them!

Now why don’t you start doing seven tips above? Get your customers as soon as possible. Have a good result and good luck!

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Sunil Gupta

Sunil Gupta is a blogger by passion and digital marketer by profession. He lives in Delhi, India.
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Sunil Gupta is a blogger by passion and digital marketer by profession. He lives in Delhi, India.

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