Sep 9, 2015

Common Reasons for Dubai Visa Rejection

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Millions of people from around the world travel to Dubai every year. While some travel for work, majority of them visit this magnificent place as tourists. The culture, people, monuments, buildings, malls, luxury and glamour always have and continue to attract people to this beautiful land. Moreover, as tourism is one of the major sources of income generation, the city welcomes people with open arms. Moreover, the process of getting a visa to the place is also not very difficult. However, there have been cases where people were denied a visa. Here are some of the common reasons for Dubai visa rejection.

Dubai Visa rejection

No Visa for Women Under 25: If you are a woman who has not yet celebrated your 25th birthday, you are in for a shock if you have applied for a visa to go to Dubai or UAE. This is because Dubai does not approve the visa of single women under the age of 25 who want to travel to Dubai on their own. You either have to be accompanied by your parents or relatives if you want to travel to Dubai for a holiday.

Unskilled Profession: It is necessary to mention your profession in the Dubai visa application form. However, the UAE government does not grant permission to people with unskilled profession. In short, if you are a farmer or a labourer, you are unlikely to get a visa to visit Dubai. Even a person who mentions service as his/her occupation is likely to be rejected. Check out with your travel agent before applying for Dubai visa, in this case.

Active Visa: If you had applied for a visa in the past but could not enter the country for any reason, you would not get another visa until you cancel the previous one. Generally, the duration of a visa is 60 days. So, if you apply for the visa before your previous visa expires, you would have to face rejection. To avoid this, you have to contact your travel agent to get your old visa cancelled before you apply for a new one.

Handwritten Passport Copy: While the authenticity of your passport is extremely crucial for your Dubai visa approval, the type of passport you have also matters. If your passport is a handwritten one, do not expect to get approval to enter Dubai. Handwritten passports of Pakistan, Bangladesh and such other Asian countries have been rejected by the UAE government.

Criminal Record: It is a general rule in almost all countries of the world not to give entry to people who have a criminal record, and it is no different in Dubai or UAE too. If there has been a case against your for misconduct, fraud or some other kind of criminal offence, you are not likely to get visa approval to enter Dubai or any other city of UAE. Such applicants are blacklisted automatically.

Employee Visa: If you have ever applied for an employee visa but did not enter the city or the country, you cannot apply for a visa for at least six months. If you have to apply within the period of 6 months, you have first contact the company or sponsor to get in touch with UAE immigration to get the previous visa cleared.

Ex-Residents: If you were staying in Dubai with a resident visa but left UAE without cancelling it, your new visa application may get rejected. In this case, you will have to cancel your previous residence visa and then apply for a fresh visa. You need to get in touch with the UAE immigration office for this purpose.

Similar Identity: If your personal details like name, address, date of birth and such other things are similar to that of another visa applicant, your Dubai visa approval may get delayed. In some circumstances, the visa application would be rejected.

Mistakes in Visa Application: You need to be really careful while filling the visa application form. This is because even a small mistake can lead to the rejection of your visa. The UAE immigration is likely to reject the application forms with mistakes in name, profession code, passport number, passport expiry date, date of birth, etc. Hence, it is always important to double check spellings as well as important digits or numbers.

Blurred Scans: You need to submit the scanned copy of your passport while applying for a visa. However, if your scanning machine is not in a good condition, the scanned copy of the passport would be blurred. Such passport copies are rejected, or it may delay the visa approval process. Hence, make sure that the scanned passport copy is clear and does not have any unwanted blurred lines or shadows.

These are some of the common reasons for Dubai visa rejection. Most of them happen due to a small mistake which can be easily avoided. Hence, keep these in mind while applying for a Dubai or UAE visa; chances of your visa getting rejected would definitely come down considerably.

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Maheswari Dutta

A girl who loves to travel to different places with mom and dad. I also enjoy and have interestin reading books, watching movies and playing tennis.

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Maheswari Dutta

A girl who loves to travel to different places with mom and dad. I also enjoy and have interest in reading books, watching movies and playing tennis.

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