Mar 20, 2015

Do You Have a Better Attention Span Than a Goldfish?

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It might seem like a hilarious question at first. Could a tiny, fickle goldfish really pay better attention than a human being?  Well, if you fit into the “average” category for today’s tech obsessed human, then scientists would answer by saying, “Yes, but not by much.”

Ever watched a fish inside of a tank for long amounts of time? It doesn’t take much for a fish to suddenly swim away or get distracted. You might look at that fish and think that it would be crazy to compare any of their mental capacities to humans. While it’s true goldfish lack the logical and emotional reasoning of a human being, it’s entirely possible that if things continue as they are now, goldfish could beat us when it comes to paying attention within just a few short years.


The Numbers

According to some recent reports, scientists have determined that the average attention span of a human being has gone down, again. At the turn of the millennium, attention spans were judged to be somewhere around 12 seconds. Now, just 15 years later, attentions spans have fallen to 8 seconds—that’s just one second better than a goldfish. What could cause this monumental decrease in measured attention spans? Many experts will say that the most likely culprit is the technology that has advanced the most in the last 15 years—smart phones. With internet connectivity that means anything you could possible want is in your hands, how could you be expected to focus on just one thing in front of you.

Dr. Carina Paine Schofield told the Guardian that there is still, “a big question about how technology is impacting on the way we behave.” Experts point the overstimulation and lack of face-to-face interactions that have infiltrate everyone’s lives as being at the root of an inability to concentrate on one simple thing for long periods of time. Especially for today’s youths who are growing up constantly entertained and with all the information they could ever need at their fingertips. Many teachers and employers have started to fear that an overreliance on the Internet is leading to sub-par work when it comes to research and reports.

Improving Attention

There are several popularbranded medicines, such as those from ModafinilEdge, to help us improve our cognitive functions and take back some of the attention that our phones might have stolen from us, helping to keep the world’s workforce form turning into a giant pool of goldfish. Experts also recommend that anyone feeling fatigue or unable to focus take the time to exercise and ensure they are in a stimulating environment that’s conducive to creative thinking and concentration. Colors, ambient noise, and even a little clutter have all been linked to creative thinking and helped many office workers better deal with time at their desks and away from the constant stimulation of their phone screens.

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I am an IT professional. I am a Web Developer, Digital Marketing Consultant, Professional Guest Blogger and Social Media expert. I love to share knowledge and experience in public domain.
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Sunil Pandey

I am an IT professional. I am a Web Developer, Digital Marketing Consultant, Professional Guest Blogger and Social Media expert. I love to share knowledge and experience in public domain.

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