Feb 4, 2015

Health and safety – how small touches can save big accidents

Written by : Allan Lloyd| 0 | Business


The introduction of detailed workplace health and safety laws in the 1970s have been very effective throughout the UK. British businesses are now much more thorough when inspecting their place of work and protecting those who enter it.


There are less major breaches of health and safety now then there was before these laws were introduced, but there is always more that can be done, even for those who pass the frequent inspections made by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Accidents can and will continue to happen, but great workplaces will go beyond their official call of duty in order to ensure that their employees and customers are as protected from nasty accidents as they could be.

Small touches

There are certain business sectors where going beyond the call of duty may be more necessary than others. Managers of workplaces where there are lots of moving vehicles or dangerous equipment should want to do all they can to prevent any accidents or collisions.

A small investment like concrete paint could potentially be the difference between life and death in some scenarios. Many warehouses use coloured floor paint to make it clear where vehicles may be travelling and which areas are safe for pedestrians.


It only takes a momentary loss of concentration for an employee to walk directly into the path of a fork-lift truck. As dramatic as it sounds, a painted truck lane on the floor of a warehouse could be the added tool needed to sharpen up the concentration of employees that little bit more.

This advice applies to retailers with busy car parks or local authorities painting a new bike lane through their town. A bright coat of paint on the floor makes it painfully clear which areas require extra concentration whilst crossing.

An added gloss

Businesses don’t invest in colour floor paint just for the added sense of safety. Many are aware of the benefits of maintaining a bright, eye-catching workplace. A new coat of paint can give any warehouse a new lease of life, making the business look more modern and professional as well as helping to create a vibrant atmosphere. Again, it’s these small touches which can make a big difference on people’s impressions of your business.


Perhaps a business owner would like to decorate their concrete floor in company colours. This is likely to look brighter than bland grey old floor and may boost the branding efforts of a business too.  

A lot of floor coatings serve to make the floor more resistant to oils and other liquids, meaning that the chance of a worker slipping up and injuring themselves is greatly reduced. In many cases, a concrete floor can be easier to clean and take longer to fatigue as well.

Even in the middle of a recession, it should be easy for business owners to justify the moderate expense of coloured floor paint in a number of sectors. After all, it’s pretty tough to put a maximum price on an employee’s safety.

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