Nov 14, 2014

Finance Jobs That Do Not Require You to Go To Office

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There are many benefits to working from home. In fact, some people would do anything to have a job that doesn’t force them out of bed every morning and requires them to travel miles to reach office in time. Many are lucky to have such a work from home employment opportunity which gives them the best of both the world.  

The finance industry is now on the brink of a boom. With the world economy finally showing reassuring signs of improvement, professionals seeking jobs in finance industry have good chances of getting an opportunity to earn right from the comfort of their home. Telecommuters have so much to cheer about as the finance sector is witnessing an increment in the number of jobs available for them. Ranging from full-time corporate positions, to opportunities for entrepreneurs, there are a number of home jobs that work out perfectly. Here are four of them:

Financial Writing

Also advertised as Technical writer in the job market, this is one of the lesser known positions in the industry. However, there is a huge demand of talented and expert writers. With the growing consumption of financial news, and websites over the past few years, there is an enhanced demand for financial writers. The best thing about this job is that it is quite easy to do and you can easily deliver the completed work through e-mails or web. If you have proved your expertise as financial writer and editor, you can command a hundred or even more dollars per article. However, in order to achieve that, you will need at least a master’s degree in management, finance and economics. If you have worked previously in the financial industry that will greatly help you stand out from the competition.

Day Trading

Day trading offers one of the best ROI in all financial jobs. A day trader will typically hold positions in stocks for very brief periods of time, like minutes to hours, and make a number of trades per day, most of them will be closed before the end of the day. While there is no constant stream of income, those who are successful at it can earn huge returns on their investments. There are stories of traders earning returns more than 400% in a year. However, not all are that lucky.  More than luck it is your capability and expertise and emotional stamina that will help you. Day traders must have a long-term trading strategy and the ability to correctly interpret the movements of market. This is not a job fit for everyone. You must have the stomach and reserves to bear short term losses and still carry on. If you are planning to have a constant and steady income, this career is not for you.  If you want to venture in day trading it is essential you learn the secrets of the trade from an expert.

Independent Consultant

If you have ample work experience and now do not want to work for any employer, you can start your own consulting agency. Independent financial planners and advisors can easily base their offices out of their homes. But if you want to improve your chances of getting clients or business then there are few points to keep in mind, which includes having a larger house, an affluent neighborhood and a dedicated area of home business inside the house.  Further, you need to have a proper business license to practice without creating a legal fuss.  If you are successfully able to work out this arrangement for yourself then you can substantially decrease your overhead expenses while maintaining good earnings.  The earnings are comparable to what financial advisors earn working anywhere else and that too without the overhead expenses.

The above explained are the main three jobs that a financial expert can do from home and earn good sums of money for themselves.

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Vineeta is a keen follower of global real estate market and constant fluctuations that the domain experiences.
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Vineeta is a keen follower of global real estate market and constant fluctuations that the domain experiences.

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