The Sum of a Man (Woman) Cannot Be Made from One Tweet

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Even if you didn’t watch it live or see the replay on YouTube, you’ve probably heard about cornerback Richard Sherman’s post-game interview after his Seattle Seahawks defeated the San Francisco 49ers for a berth in the 2014 Super Bowl. It didn’t show a lot of class. The league took notice, too, but that’s not the action they fined him over, although the punishment did involve the same opposing player: wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

As a result of this heat of the moment trash talk, Sherman has become the gridiron’s public enemy number one since the NFC Championship game. He has been the subject of some hateful tweets — not just about his actions, but also the fact he has provided an opportunity for the racists to gloat.

We won’t get into how Michael Crabtree has had his own behavior issues during the course of his five years in the National Football League. But we will take a look at Sherman and why he is a lesson for all of us to be careful how we judge.

What you don’t know about Richard Sherman is he the one. He is what you would call The Anti-Stereotype. I don’t have to go into the details why, because you know what I mean.

Before this post-game rant, Sherman is what every parent wants their child to grow up to be. He still is. No, not a professional football player, although that wouldn’t be too shabby.

Imagine for a moment that this is his third year on a rookie contract. When many players are raking in over $1 million per season, considering his stature as a impact player, Sherman is getting paid $555,000. That said, he is donating a lot of that and his time to charity. We’re talking one-on-one delivering socks, blankets, Christmas presents, and many smiles to the homeless and working poor households in Seattle, and creating homes for homeless vets. When you see Matt Kiebus’ Buzzfeed report on the reasons he is one of the most likable players in the league, you’ll see the post game verbal scuffle with Crabtree as an anomaly.

The sum of a man (woman) should not be determined by one or two actions. We all say stupid stuff sometimes. What if we were judged in the same light that we judge athletes and celebrities by their mistakes and off-the-cuff remarks. Their dumb actions are just magnified because of the profession they chose. Our dumb actions can also be magnified by a hater’s Internet posts, when you think about it.

Remember this for everyone who says or does something unwise. Judge not, lest ye be judged the same way.

Here is why Richard Sherman is the talk of the NFL:

Richard Sherman Highlights Seattle Seahawks



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