Jan 20, 2014

How To Stay Fit In The Working World

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Body fitness is key to leading a healthy life. For some careers, it comes automatically due to the nature of the job itself. People in such jobs get physical activity easily, but this may not be the situation in other genres of work. People having desk jobs need to create ways through which they can exercise to keep their bodies moving at work.

For how long?

Healthy grownups mostly need a minimum of 2 hours on aerobic exercise per week, with inclusion of some strength training sessions of at least 3 days. Commitment is a core requirement to achieving a healthy and fit lifestyle. To attain much of these benefits, exercises should be appropriately done at an averagely intense level, such as taking brisk walks at lunchtime.


What should be kept in mind is that any physical activity at your workplace can be adequately utilized for this purpose. Movements will enable a person to burn excess calories that does much to destabilize your body health. Candidates on such programs must seek for opportunities to keep them moving. For instance, getting up from their desks and stretching from time to time. In addition, this will help in relieving the aches and stiffness that adds up after long periods of being in a particular sitting position. Such small movements will definitely add up and even help you remain physically active every time. People prefer to take a vigorous exercise, that’s right, but consulting experts before increasing training periods is advisable.

Simple and applicable techniques that might work include the following

If possible, create breaks and lunch sessions. Such breaks do provide the chance for one to take brisk walks of about 15 minutes around the institutions compound or buildings. If done every day, it works to energize you when back to the desk and also makes you refreshed in order to enhance effectiveness. Other possible ideas include

• Use the stairway over the elevator.
• Park your car far away to enable you walk more back to it.
• Choose a restaurant located a distance from your work area to offer you movement time.

Adopt active commuting. How far is it from your home to your workplace? Is it possible for you to walk or ride a bike instead of driving? Both do good to provide physical activity which will definitely enable a person to not only burn calories but also ensure that fuel or transport cash is saved. if one takes public transport to work, alighting at a farther distance to give you walking time is viable option. If it’s too far to walk or ride, then one has to at least ride to the bus stop just to ensure that your work life involves exercise.
Invite colleagues for lunch breaks. This will motivate and enable you keep coherence within a person’s working environment. Workmates will be inspired to keep moving and thus add double to lives.

Keep some exercise tools at the workplace. This should be done in considerate to the policy of the company. if there is no objection, then arrange for some hand weights together with resistance bands which can help one to train during short breaks.

The above simple activities will enhance your healthy living and enable you to limit the number of times you use your Ehic application (European health insurance card) which enables people to get healthcare at lower costs in all European economic areas.

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Elicia is a guest writer and guest blogger. She loves to write for high quality sites to improve her skill and to make connection with real professional people.

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