Jan 17, 2014

Tips For Healthy Pool Shade

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backyard swimming pool

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There is no better remedy for a hot scorching summer day than to jump into the pool to cool down. Though it is important that you get enough shade from the same sun that entices you into the pool for a swim.

A bit of sunshine on our skin can be extremely beneficial by assisting in formation of Vitamin D which helps to maintain good health and strong bones and muscles.

But as all of us should know by now, overexposure to the sun can result in skin damage such as skin cancer and acceleration of skin aging. You need to be especially cautious when being in or near a swimming pool, as the water reflects the sunshine, leading to an increased exposure to UV-rays. It is therefore essential to install some form of shade structure over the pool or just outside the pool to protect the swimmers.

Pool Shade Sails

At the same time as we want protection from the sunshine, we also enjoy the temperature in the swimming pool to be warm and enjoyable. So it is important to have a balance of shade and exposure of sunlight to the water, so you can enjoy swimming in warm water without suffering from overexposure to the UV rays. One popular method of achieving part shade over the pool is to install a shade sail that will cover part of the pool. The triangular shaped shade sails are very popular to use as pool shade sails.


Another option for creating shade in the pool is to install a permanent shade structure such as a pergola over one end of the pool, normally the shallow end. This can create a resort style feeling, and a perfect spot to enjoy a cool drink while relaxing in the pool.

Shade outside the pool

Some people do not want to install shade over the pool for aesthetic reasons, as the design of the pool offers value as a visual treat. An option for shade in these instances would be to install a shade structure outside the pool, where the users of the pool can get out of the sunshine and lounge in a recliner and enjoy a beverage with or without an umbrella inserted into it. A large umbrella will also provide adequate shade. Make certain that you install these shade structures in an area where the sunshine will not reflect back on you from the water in the swimming pool.

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A digital marketer with a strong focus on PPC and SEO. When not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two kids as well as running, cycling and skiing.
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Mark Visions

A digital marketer with a strong focus on PPC and SEO. When not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two kids as well as running, cycling and skiing.

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