Jan 14, 2014

How to Trouble Shoot Immobilizers?

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Vehicle Immobilizer issues can be solved either by getting into the intricacies of the immobilizer system or by getting a duplicate key with the right microchip embedded within it.

Vehicle immobilizers are in reality much more dexterous than you might think and has bigger potentiality than simply starting up your car engine when you turn on the key. Hence, if you put in an improper key or your immobilizer is depicting some problems your car will refuse to start in the absence of the original, authentic ignition key. This is because the immobilizer is harnessed with a sort of security system or anti-theft device for recognizing the original microchip which is embedded into the ignition key. Here are some insights into probable immobilizer issues and ways to troubleshoot them.

Trouble Shoot Immobilizers

Trouble Shoot Immobilizers

What Causes Immobilizer Problems?

Immobilizer problems can be caused due to a number of issues such as loss of the key fob coding, damaged wiring, faulty actuators and sensors, key fobs which have lost their transducer chips, ECUs with corrupted body and the likes.

How to Fix Immobilizer Problems?

Before you commence on to the troubleshooting process take a look at some symptoms to countercheck whether it is truly a faulty immobilizer that is giving the problem. Remember, cars with immobilizer systems embedded in them take a little more time to get started than those without immobilizers. If your immobilizer is functioning properly the indicator light will blink for 2 seconds and will then go puff. However, if the light comes back after 2 seconds or the car engine refuses to start go through these procedures.

First, turn on the ignition switch with the original key and see if the immobilizer light is blinking. If it does take off the steering wheel covers and disconnect immobilizer’s 7P connector from its control-unit receiver. Look if there is any battery voltage present between the body ground and the 7P connector.

If the indicator light did not blink in the first place take a look fuse/relay box under-hood for problems in Blown No 8 (15A)Fuse. In case there is no problem in here nor is it showing any voltage issue, check out for faults in the switches of showing parking brake fluid or a damaged brake indicator light.

Next, look for continuity issues that might have occurred between the body ground and 7P connector No 1 or No 2. If there is a continuity problem you need to go for the immobilizer unit-receiver replacement.

If none of the above procedures seem to work , it is best to get in touch with your vehicle company’s local dealer for any issues cropping up from a new lock cylinder, or ignition switch. In such cases you problem might be solved by getting a new key with the right microchip that matches with that of the new lock cylinder. The local dealer should be able to make a new duplicate of the original by matching the original pre-installed microchip with the Vehicle Identification Number. This should solve the commonest vehicle immobilizer issues. In order to avoid such problems later or undergoing hassles of getting another key made buy an Immobilizer Bypass Module that is compatible with your vehicle system and offers an apt solution to such issues.

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Olivia Grey is a digital marketing professional and is very much interested in reading and writing. She loves to share and browse interesting information that comes her way. She loves skiing and ice skating.
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Olivia Grey

Olivia Grey is a digital marketing professional and is very much interested in reading and writing. She loves to share and browse interesting information that comes her way. She loves skiing and ice skating.

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