Dec 26, 2013

Why Does Networking Not Work With Lead Generation?


All right, when it comes to lead generation, part of the things that you have to do deals with creating business networks. The logic here is that, since you have connected with them, you can then go ahead and turn them into viable B2B leads. Unfortunately, that is not the way things usually go. In cases like these, it seems easy for you to look for ways to make it work. But really, while you may like to consider which of the myriad of networking solutions that are being offered, it is those that little problems in networking that you better know about. Avoid them, or address them, and you will be able to get better business results.

1.    These is not about the calling cards – a lot of marketers, whenever they go to networking events, or attend online forums, are there just to collect the calling cards of everyone who attended. That is a bad marketing move. The aim of such opportunities is to know more about people, not know more people. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time.

2.    Stop networking – more in the sense that you are there in that gathering because you want to answer a need of the other party, you want to connect with them, you are keen to learn more about their business, etc. This is not about your getting data for your telemarketing team to use later in their appointment setting campaign. This is about you wanting to learn more about them.

3.    Choose your events – here is the deal, not all business events are worth your time. If you want to create the right business network, make sure that you attend events that bring out your best. You want to meet fun and interesting people (not just to be customers, but real contacts), so you should save your efforts and attend occasions that fit well with you.

4.    Connect with a few – as the old saying goes, quality is better than quantity. Considering the amount of time, money, and effort that you have to spend in connecting to each contact you make, it does make sense that you connect with only those that can help you reach your goals. Besides, even if you have established a connection with only one person, you might get lucky and get connected with the rest of your new contact’s network.

5.    Follow up right – for a networking event to be truly effective in generating sales leads for your businessremember to follow-up with your new contacts a few days after the initial meeting. As a rule, if by two weeks, no discussion on business is made, then the window of opportunity closes.   Really, networking can be a really good tool for lead generation. The only problem here, so far, is how to make them work properly. As you can see, it is hard to do business with contacts that does not pan out, and the points raised above could be the real culprits. Try avoiding these pitfalls in networking. That will do your business good.

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Originally appeared at The Sales and Marketing Solutions.

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Judy Caroll

Marketing Executive at Callbox inc. Blogger, Online marketer. Helps Businesses improve by giving expert advice on Lead generation, Sales and marketing.
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Judy Caroll

Marketing Executive at Callbox inc. Blogger, Online marketer. Helps Businesses improve by giving expert advice on Lead generation, Sales and marketing.

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