Dec 24, 2013

Easy Tips to Set Up the Ultimate Mobile Office

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If you tend to travel for work quite a bit, you definitely need a mobile office that allows you to handle your work on the go. The best part of a mobile office is that you can use it anywhere – parks, airport lounges, coffee shops or even your rental car. You do not need a physical office presence to work while traveling. Just make sure the devices you carry can be charged from a USB office and you are set to work in pleasant and soothing environments.

SetUp the Ultimate Mobile Office# Why Mobile Office?

Some people want a mobile office because their constant work-related travels necessitate it, while others want to enjoy a mobile office because they do not want to sit and work in a traditional office setting. Whatever maybe the reason, here are some benefits of working through a mobile office.

# No Working in Enclosed Surrounding

A mobile office takes you out of the four walls of an office and allows you to get your work done faster.

# Greater Flexibility

It gives you more free time to do what you want when you want. You do not have to conform to regular working hours. You can work as and when you feel.

# More Productivity

There are studies to show that people who work from home tend to work quicker and produce quality work. Many people find that working from mobile offices and not being distracted by the on-goings in traditional offices can make them more productive by getting top enterprise mobile application development services from top companies.

# Keeps You Inspired

With new sights, sounds and smells, your senses get stimulated and this inspires you to perform better at the things you do.

# Setting Up Your Mobile Office
A mobile office is not that difficult to set up. In fact, you require minimum hardware to get your office going. Some of the things that are a necessity for a mobile office include the following:

# Laptop

You require a laptop, as you will be on the go. A laptop means that you can begin working just about anywhere and are not stuck to a desk, as you would be if you work on a desktop computer.

# Wireless Internet Connection

In order to read and send emails and communicate with your customers and clients, you need wireless Internet connectivity. The good news is that now many places have free Wi-Fi hotspots, so you can easily connect to the Internet and do all the things required for work. However, make sure you still have your own mobile Internet connection, so that you are never caught without it.

# Headphones

You require a good pair of headphones (maybe you need noise-canceling headphones), so that you can make online calls using Skype. This way you will be able to keep the volume down and hear everything that your customers are saying, and you will not cause any damage to your eardrums with high volume. Make sure the headphones are small, so that you can easily carry them around without them being cumbersome.

# Other Necessary Hardware

There are some things you will need besides the above-mentioned items to have an efficient mobile office. These include an external hard drive to store your data. Of course, you always can use online storage websites. In addition, keep a fully-charged spare battery for your laptop in case the existing laptop battery runs out. If you find lugging a spare battery difficult, keep an extension cord with multiple outlets handy, so that you can charge your laptop when the need arises without being cut off from your work.

# A Comfortable Bag

As you will be toting around your hardware with you, it is important you have a comfortable bag to carry these things around. You should not find it difficult or cumbersome to carry the bag.

Setting up a mobile office is easy, as long as you ensure you have the necessary hardware with you. However, do not carry too many unnecessary accessories that could make it difficult for you to move around. For instance, if you can store your files online, you really do not need an external storage device. The fewer things you have to carry around, the lesser you will be burdened and the more effectively you will be able to work.

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Nilesh Talaviya

Mobile Strategist - Works at Cygnet Infotech, a leading iOS mobile application development company based in India. For more detail about him follow on @NilTalaviya For more contact at
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Nilesh Talaviya

Mobile Strategist - Works at Cygnet Infotech, a leading iOS mobile application development company based in India. For more detail about him follow on @NilTalaviya For more contact at

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