Dec 10, 2013

10 iPad Apps Teachers Will Love

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Educational iPad apps have become extremely popular with students, teachers and parents alike. Educational apps have made teaching easier for teachers and have increased the concept-grasping level of students. It is not difficult to find an iPad application development company that has at least some experience of building educations iPad apps.

But still, there are many teachers who shy away from using iPad and a major reason for this is over-abundance of educational apps. Finding appropriate ones from so many apps becomes like searching for needle in a haystack.

iPad Apps Teachers Will LoveHence, we have listed here ten highly functional iPad applications for teachers that help them to make the most of their classes while saving their precious time and energy as well.

# ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard (Free)
ShowMe is the most intriguing virtual whiteboard a teacher can find. Right from helping students mastering tough concepts to assisting them in revision, you can do anything by creating interactive tutorials on this application by using your finger or stylus or by recording your voice.

There’s no need for complicated manuals. It lets you switch between erasing and drawing and enables you to maintain the flow of concept.  Its efficient features like multiple brush colors and voice-record make your tutorials more interesting.

# Edmodo (Free)
One of the toughest tasks of teachers is to engage their students in their class. Edmodo makes this task easier. Teachers can use it for classroom discussions, posting assignments and sharing important files. It also enables teachers to secure classroom discussions, which encourages students to participate with less hesitation. This social platform for education has already registered more than 20 million users and has been awarded with the 2013 EdTech Digest Award for Best Product.

# ClassDojo (Free)
With so many students to take care of, it becomes hard for teachers to monitor behavior of each student. ClassDojo assists you in this task by capturing and generating data on students’ behavior. This data can be shared with administrators and parents. This real-time behavior management tool helps teachers to give feedback on behavior to their students and to improve their behaviors in classrooms.

# iBrainstorm (Free)
This handy tool for teachers frees them from sticky notes. With this application, teachers can make notes or capture their ideas instantly and can share the same with up to four iPad users. With just one finger, they can ‘flick’ information from one device to another. With this multi-device collaboration tool, teachers can easily share their teaching schedules with other associated teachers.

# TeacherKit (Free)
This personal organizer comes in extremely handy for teachers. It has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that allows teachers to organize their classes as well as their students efficiently. It has monitoring and classroom organizing tools that help teachers to track attendance, behavior and grades of their students.

# iLEAP Pick A Student (Free)
This excellent application helps teachers to get students’ participation in their class. It has an option to pick students randomly in your class thus encouraging more participation. A teacher can also use turn-based selection in which every student gets a chance to speak. Besides turn-based feature, there are various other options to choose students in your class.

# Poems by Heart (Free)
Beautifully designed and exceptionally crafted, this application is exclusively for English teachers whose students are having hard time with poems. Built with memorizing techniques and great games, this app can be used by teachers to help their students to master classic poems by great poets like Shakespeare, John Keats and Emily Dickinson. The iconic poets are featured in carefully edited verses.

# DragonBox Algebra 12+ (Paid)
This is an advanced version of DragonBox Algebra 5+ with more advanced topics. For mathematics teacher, this is a great tool to help students in mastering algebraic concepts. It can be used to assign specific tasks for specific operations. Teachers can assist their students in using these learned skills while solving equations on paper and pen.

# Flashcards* (Free)
Teachers have to teach so many things in a single day. At times, it can be tough for them to remember all the terms. This app can help teachers to keep track of all the things they have to teach. It can perform tasks like device syncing, sharing and creating teaching schedules. The flashcard decks can be emailed and can be shared using Dropbox too.

# Too Noisy (Free)
This wonderful application enables teachers to keep noise level under control. It is especially meant for kindergarten teachers. It graphically displays the background noise levels. When the noise level is acceptable, it displays a contented graphic. When noise goes beyond unacceptable level, it automatically changes to show grumpy graphics. Graphic again changes to happy one when the noise level comes back to normal. Because of its intuitive graphics, children respond quickly to it.

As a teacher, you’ll find these apps extremely useful as they will make your enterprise mobile application development tasks more manageable.

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Nilesh Talaviya

Mobile Strategist - Works at Cygnet Infotech, a leading iOS mobile application development company based in India. For more detail about him follow on @NilTalaviya For more contact at
  • Great article Nilesh! I sure wish I had all of this when I was a student. Thank you for posting.

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Nilesh Talaviya

Mobile Strategist - Works at Cygnet Infotech, a leading iOS mobile application development company based in India. For more detail about him follow on @NilTalaviya For more contact at

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