Nov 25, 2013

5 Best Tools for Multi-platform Mobile Application Development

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With the tremendous growth of mobile market, need for multi-platform app development has grown too. In order to thrive in the market, it has become a must for brands and businesses to have apps on every major mobile OS. Native app development for all platforms would be expensive. Fortunately, businesses have the options of multi-platform app development. Not only it reduces overall development cost, but it also helps brands to have a greater reach to their target audiences.

Apart from businesses, multi-platform mobile application development is beneficial for developers too as the code is reusable, which saves the extra efforts needed for development and deployment of native apps. There are plenty of cross-platform frameworks that are designed to make maximum use of native APIs. But, the following five are considered to be the best tools for multi-platform app development.

Multi-platform Mobile Application Development

# RhoMobile Suite

Comprising of a suite of tools, this open source framework owned by Motorola Solutions is developer centered and enterprise focused. Besides iOS and Android, it supports almost all other mobile OS present in the market. It enables developers to build class enterprise applications in minimum possible time. What makes RhoMobile more suitable for enterprises is RhoConnect.

RhoConnect is a server application that can be hosted on the user’s system. It acts as a bridge and allows users to manage data both on the backend and on their mobile devices. Users can connect an app to many data sources including ERP, CRM, web services, etc. Presence of such useful tools in RhoMobile makes it possible for developers to code apps with ease and accuracy.

# PhoneGap

Owned by Adobe Systems, PhoneGap is, perhaps, the oldest tool for multi-platform app development. Apart from its support for majority of mobile OS, PhoneGap contains APIs for maximum native features including accelerometer, geolocation, media and camera. This gives it an upper hand in building consumer-based applications. It utilizes standard development languages like JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3, which makes development easier for developers as it eliminates the need to learn individual scripting languages for different mobile OS.

# Appcelerator Titanium

Stats from studies reveal that as of June 2013, native app stores already contain more than 55000 applications built on Appcelerator Titanium. This figure states the popularity of this framework. Run by Appcelerator Inc., Titanium serves as a robust cross-platform framework specifically because of its rich feature-set. It supports standard-based web technologies along with PHP and Ruby, which aids in desktop app development. Further, its support for UI of tablets like iPad makes it suitable for medium and large-sized businesses.

# Sencha Touch

With themes for every major mobile OS and more than fifty built-in components, Sencha Touch provides developers with every necessary tool required to build a robust mobile web app. USP of this framework is its GUI-based controls that allow developers to optimize applications for touch inputs like double tap, swipe and pinch. This framework works best for ecommerce sites as such sites require maximum interaction with users via touch inputs like enlarging photos, scrolling for reading details or swiping to navigate between products.

# MoSync

Integrated with compilers, libraries and Eclipse development environment, MoSync has lots in store for both developers and clients. Besides writing applications in JavaScript and HTML5, developers can also code in C and C++ languages. Support for this code base enables large enterprises to have application packages across wide range of mobile devices and mobile operating systems. Another remarkable feature of this tool is its ability to instantly run codes on several devices. Thus, it saves ample amount of time as well as efforts required for deployment.

# Summing Up

As the number of mobile users is increasing each day and mobile platforms are getting diverse, it is getting harder for businesses to stick to one particular platform. In addition, presence of multiple cross-platform frameworks complicates the situation. In this scenario, defining clear objectives would help businesses to choose the most suitable cross-platform framework for their projects.

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Nilesh Talaviya

Mobile Strategist - Works at Cygnet Infotech, a leading iOS mobile application development company based in India. For more detail about him follow on @NilTalaviya For more contact at

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