Nov 21, 2013

Ten B2B Telemarketing Gaffes To Watch For In Your UK Campaign

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You know that conducting your own B2B telemarketing campaign in the United Kingdom can be a costly affair. But you also know that, when it comes to proactive means of direct marketing, that this medium of appointment setting is also the most effective. That is why you should put some effort in ensuring that everything you do is being done correctly.

One of the ways to do that is by avoiding these common marketing errors that even the most experienced marketers tend to make. Yes, these might sound innocuous enough, but when you do them, well, it could pretty much set your marketing efforts back. It really is best for you to avoid them. And what are should these marketing errors be?

  1. You misunderstand the audience – you might have thought of a really good product or service, but how sure are you that there is a market for it? When you create a B2B lead generation plan, you have to include everyone that might want to buy it.
  2. You send the wrong message – basically, you have the message right, it is the audience that you got wrong. So, when something like that happens, your message will not get through. More likely than not, you might get a negative reaction from it.
  3. You do not promote enough – when looking for potential sales leadsyou need to constantly promote your business on a regular basis. This would ensure the introduction of your company in the market, as well as make it easier for your telemarketing prospects to recognize you.
  4. You use the wrong medium of communication – yes, we are talking about telemarketing in your market, but you should also be aware of some market segments that are better reached by other means, like social media or email. You should try to invest on that as well.
  5. You focus on the rewards – when you advertise through other promoters, you might fall into the trap of focusing on how you best pay them. True, they will promote your business, but they may not do it according to the terms you specify. Concentrate more on the results they bring you, not on how to deal with the bill they will send.
  6. You fail to address the issue – you can talk and talk on how great your company can be, or how you can make your prospects richer in two weeks, but if you cannot properly address the real issue they have, then you will never get the deal.
  7. You lack sufficient advertisers – basically, it takes more than one medium to increase the impact of your business promotions. You have to use different advertising mediums to be better.
  8. You ignore seasonal demands – think of selling winter coats during summer. Not only would that be a real waste of your efforts, this can make you look foolish in the eyes of your B2B leads prospects.
  9. Your website does not reflect your advertising – in today’s modern culture, people are more likely to check you through your websites. If the look and offers available online does not reflect what you are currently offering, then you are wasting potential sales leads.
  10. You copy another company’s strategy – when the Gap decided to do a make-over of their promotions, they made the mistake of copying Apple’s winning marketing strategy. Not only was this a mismatch with the former’s business, it also alienated a good number of its customers.

These are the most common telemarketing mistakes that you could commit in your marketing campaign in the UK, but if you can avoid them, then it is a good thing for you.

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Oliver Scott

Helping businesses in UK increase their revenue by lead generation and appointment setting services through telemarketing. To find out how to increase your business revenue, follo these link:
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Oliver Scott

Helping businesses in UK increase their revenue by lead generation and appointment setting services through telemarketing. To find out how to increase your business revenue, follo these link:

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