Nov 20, 2013

Moving Beyond Social Media To Trans-media Storytellers and Virtual Newsmakers

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We are hearing it everyday. The latest updates about social media. It’s in the news, it’s everywhere you look, in virtually all the headlines.

With the advent of all the social media tools at our disposal, we are scrambling to learn how to use them, and vast fortunes are being made. Let’s fast forward and for argument’s sake, just say you have mastered them all.

You are an expert in Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn Google Plus, Pinterest, and Instagram. I might of even missed one or two. The question is what will you do with your new shiny set of social media tools? How will you use them?

I believe the evolution of social media will be with trans-media storytelling, and virtual news-making. This maybe part of the equation when it comes to social media evolution, but they have both arrived. The exciting part is there maybe even better ways to use these social tools in the not to distant future. Ways in which we can not even imagine.

Trans-media storytelling is the art of re-purposing some of your content to use via some of your other media outlet’s. It becomes like a continuation of the story. Redbull is a brand that has mastered the art of trans-media storytelling. If you notice they always have remarkable, mind bending content, coming at you in full effect from their hubs.

Virtual news-making is an equally exciting topic, as I was interviewed yesterday by Virtual Newsmakers founders Cynthia K Seymour and Debbie Elicksen. They have a great show, which airs twice a week, where they use Google Hangouts as their venue, to interview interesting people, and then they publish the show to YouTube and to their other media hubs.

First of all a heartfelt thank you to two classy ladies for having me on the program. I think what they are doing takes courage. As a fellow entrepreneur, I can attest that not following the herd, and blazing a new trail is not an easy task.

They are true trendsetters and I have no doubt their program will be a huge success. Be sure to follow their Virtual Newsmakers YouTube channel to watch more cutting edge topics and interviews. They have a great schedule of shows now every Tuesday and Friday.

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