Nov 9, 2013

8 Great Tech CEO Blogs You Would Be Crazy Not To Follow

wisdomIt’s a dog eat dog world, some might say survival of the fittest. In life you have to develop wisdom.

Intelligence without wisdom, is like a bright light leading you nowhere. The internet is full of narcissists. Perhaps not intentionally, but none the less a fact yes, shameless self promoters and people full of false promises.

We are all looking for that elusive blueprint for success. There is one for you, but first you must realize that there is no substitute for hard work. Next you must be willing to persevere.

I bet the single biggest factor in determining ones success  in life is the ability to push on when everyone around them thinks they are delusional and crazy.

So what better way to start developing this wisdom and gaining knowledge then by following the people who are actually making a difference and living out their dreams. This is a great post on where to find such inspiration and those people who are not just talking the talk, but are actually walking the walk.

One of the things that makes me happy and ensured that I am using the Internet productively instead of being addicted to the daily information shoots that our brains become used to is the list of blog and web pages I open up in search of inspiration and wisdom. These are blogs written by those who have lived their dreams to the fullest and decided to bless us with the wisdom they acquired on the way.

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