Oct 13, 2013

Some Publishers Are Saying So Long To SEO

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There is a major shift taking place in search. And with this major overhaul, SEO is becoming increasing more confusing and mystifying.

Google has just recently done it’s fourth update to it’s search algorithm. Social media is undoubtedly playing a role now in SEO, as well as influencers. Is there such a thing now as social search?

Perhaps this is why many publishers are saying goodbye to SEO. I think this is an important article titled ‘Why publishers like BuzzFeed are kissing SEO goodbye’ I personally see nothing wrong with playing by the rules, and creating exciting, valuable relevant content that comes up in search.

But there is a part of me that knows that the more content that keeps getting created, millions of pieces every day, the chances of my content competing for certain key words and popping up on page one of a Google search diminishes. What do you think?

From the article

News organizations should embrace a social-first mindset, think about how likely it is that a piece of content will be shared on social platforms from the get-go, and stop worrying about their SEO strategy, said BuzzFeed President and Chief Operating Officer Jon Steinberg at a recent MIPCOM conference in France.

“More so than the technology, you have to write and produce news for the social Web: it has to be novel, important and have this social imperative behind it,” Steinberg said. He posited that media which rely too closely on optimizing content for Google’s search engine by sticking to an SEO-focused approach will inhibit their social presence.

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via Why publishers like BuzzFeed are kissing SEO goodbye | IJNet.

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