Oct 12, 2013

Build An Army Of Brand Advocates Not Simply Idol Followers

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As an entrepreneur currently building two businesses from the ground up, I can tell you, it’s hard work. We pay the price to make our vision a reality, and we have to pull off the impossible just about every day.

If you are an entrepreneur like myself, you might have similar feelings. You might feel like me, that the demands on your time just increase, while the days get nothing but shorter. At the end of the day, your exhausted, there is nothing left in the tank, your head hits the pillow, and your lucky to get six hours of sleep.

This may help remedy what is ailing you. This article titled ‘Reach Millennials Through Brand Advocates‘ is something you need to read.

It’s time to work a little smarter, and not harder, we have all heard that before. The essence of the article is this really. Combine the two biggest factors to help fuel your brand. Millennials, a tech savvy group, and advocates for your brand. You might say well easier said then done Tom. Hey I never said it was going to be easy, but I will give you a hint. How you treat people matters, both online and offline. Make a friend, create desire and close.

From the article

While older generations tend to rely on product information from traditional media sources or from manufacturers themselves, millennials are more inclined to trust advice from the people in their lives. As marketers, this means we shouldn’t be thinking of millennials as just another group of consumers to convert, but as potential advocates for our brands. Advocates not only purchase – they influence their friends to purchase as well.

Who are advocates? They can be anyone from a best friend to a favorite actor to the person you’ve never met but has a clever Twitter feed. Social media connects people from around the globe who may never have met otherwise. These connections are based on similar interests, hobbies, opinions and the like. When a connection on social media, whether from a best friend or web friend, recommends a product, it carries significant weight with millennials. Here are three ways brands can spark these connections both internally and externally to create consumer relationships with meaning.

Look within – to internal advocates. A company blog can be a great way to showcase product advocates. Take, for example, Target’s Pulse blog. Employees chronicle daily life in Target stores and headquarters, with a dose of product mentions. Target also produces a style blog, Target on the Dot, which features fashion, home and beauty products. Readers receive a welcome behind-the-scenes look and a more personal connection to the store.

Tip: For authenticity, foster a sense of freedom and immediacy. Don’t over-message or stunt the voices that Gen Y will find engaging.

Read the rest of the article here

via Reach Millennials Through Brand Advocates | Entrepreneur.com.

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